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Whistler 2010 Olympics – Alpine Sport Competition Venues

As one of the world’s leading mountain resorts, Whistler provides an excellent venue to co-host the 2010 Winter Olympics alongside Vancouver. With an average snowfall of 10.22 metres a year and 8,171 acres of total terrain, Whistler offers ideal conditions for the alpine event portion of the 2010 winter games.

Whistler 2010 Olympics – Myths & Misconceptions

Hype surrounding the 2010 Olympics in Whistler has stirred a number of rumours and myths regarding activities and accommodation on the mountain. This article will set the facts straight and reveal the truth behind many 2010 Olympics myths.

Why the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Were a Great Success

On June 13th, 2001, the 112th session of the International Olympic Committee announced that Beijing would be the host city for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. This announcement was met with much criticism from all over the world as the Olympics promote international cooperation and peace, yet there are still human rights issues needing to be addressed in China. Other concerns involved media access, pollution, and the age of some of the Chinese delegation to the gymnastics competition. Despite these controversies, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was a success for a multitude of reasons…

Fencing Gear Has Evolved With Fencing As an Olympic Sport

While humans have been dueling with swords since ancient times, Olympic fencing has developed since 1896. Here is a brief history of the sport, including some of the fencing gear that the athletes use.

How Much Money Would a Family Need to Attend the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver?

1.6 million tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver became available and the prices range anywhere from $25 to $1100 per ticket. For the closing ceremony alone, the tickets may range anywhere from $175 to $775.

Beijing Olympics 400m Hurdles – Runner Angelo Taylor Wins Gold Medal

The American athlete Angelo Taylor has recently won his second gold medal in the track and field discipline known as the 400 meter hurdles despite the low probabilities he had a few months ago to be a strong contender to win the race. Taylor defeated world champion Clements by only .73 timing 47.25 while Clements arrived in second place with 47.98 and Bershawn Jackson in third place with 48.06.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Suffering From Economic Downturn

The Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver (VANOC) has suffered the effects of the economic slowdown and has had to revise the schedule of activities in order to achieve savings. One option proposed was to cancel the awards ceremony for the alpine events and Nordic sports in Whistler. Whisler politicians, including Mayor Ken Melamed, are furious, especially as the region has invested millions of dollars to build a plaza and organize festivities in the evening at the awards ceremonies.

Katie Price and the London 2012 Olympics

Katie Price is still aiming high with her sights set on competing in the Olympics. Whilst attending Olympia horse show in London, where she was promoting her new equestrian clothing and horse wear range KP clothing, Katie divulged her keen interest in competing at Dressage in the 2012 games in her television interview.

Show Your Support For the 2010 Olympics With an Olympic Flag

The Vancouver Olympics will be held from February 12 to February 28 2010. However, it is definitely not too early for you to show your support by flying an Olympic flag.

Plan to Visit Canada Olympic Park During the 2010 Olympic Games

Canada Olympic Park offers guests a wide range of activities to enjoy. Absolutely make sure to put aside some time to discover all that the park has to offer if you plan on attending the 2010 Olympic Games.

2010 Olympic Venues

There are several Olympic venues that you need to be familiar with if you are planning on attending the 2010 Olympic Games. There are venues for the athletes to practice, reside, and compete. There will also be facilities for spectators and staff to eat, reside and enjoy the games.

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