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Football Trivia – How Well Do You Know Your Facts About Football Teams?

Whether you’re a football player, spectator, or collector of football sports cards, you may enjoy challenging yourself to see how well you know your facts about football teams. 1. Which of the following football teams are not associated with the NFL?

Youth Football – Is There a 5 Yard Contact Rule? How Much Contact Can Your Defensive Backs Use?

Is there a 5 yard contact rule for defensive backs in youth football? What can and can’t your defensive backs do contact wise?

Youth Football – Improving the Stalk Block For Youth Receivers

Long runs in youth football usually means your team stalk blocks well. But stalk blocking is not a “natural” movement, it has to be taught.

San Francisco 49ers – Will They Do it Again in 2009?

The San Francisco 49ers are one of those teams that people are familiar with, even if you are not a sports fanatic. This team is passionate about the game, and have won many championship titles and broken multiple records to prove it. After their 2008 season, the team underwent some staffing and player changes, which fans and management are looking forward to in the new season – 2009. These changes, along with the teams’ dedication and fan loyalty, should give sports enthusiasts a good show this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars Are Ready For the Big Game

Jacksonville, Florida was not an ideal city for an NFL franchise. However, the city has proven to be loyal to their team and Jacksonville has profited from being home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jaguar tickets, every year, nearly sell out for home games, and merchandise goes like there is no tomorrow. The Jacksonville Jaguars turned a profit – quickly – for the NFL, and should be around for years to come.

Finding the College Football Schedule

There is a good reason that football is the most popular American sport. College football has become big business due to the enthusiastic play of the teams and the comebacks late in the games. Do you prefer to attend live sporting events? A schedule of college football teams can be found by doing the following:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Division Title Or All the Way?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are just entering toddlerhood, as they have only been an NFL franchise since 1976. They began their journey as a member of the AFC Western Division, and quickly moved to the NFC Southern Division. The first season, they appeared on the field, had record ticket sales – residents were ready for a professional football team. It was apparent that the team had fans from the start, and even more so after their Super Bowl win in 2002.

New York Giants and Another Super Bowl Win?

The New York Giants are one of those few football teams that everyone – even those who do not follow football – has heard of. They have been a drive, enthusiastic, passionate team from the day the first stepped foot on the field. This energy transfers to everyone watching – whether at home, in a bar, or in the stadium – within seconds. The Giants have won a number of championship titles and are working at acquiring another one in 2009.

Drilling Down to Excellence With Quarterback Training

There is no more important a position in football than the quarterback, this is true at all levels of the game. The quarterback is arguably the most important player on any sports team. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you keep your quarterbacks playing to the best of their ability, and you can do this by using drills to improve their skills.

Football Offensive Line Drills – Guidelines For Implementing Them Yourself

Have you ever debated with a friend as to the most important position in football? I’m sure the answer has varied depending on who you have asked but by far the offensive linemen are one of the most important positions.

2009 Oakland Raiders Preview

Well here we go again. Another season of Oakland Raider football is rapidly approaching. What will the Oakland Raiders be like in 2009?

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