Comedy Fouls in Football!

73 Year Old German Record Finally Acknowledged

It seems like a long time ago for NY resident Gretel Bergmann, in fact it was a long time ago that the former Olympic high jumper had her record taken away because of her heritage. Bergmann was one of the top female athletes in 1936 Olympics that also featured United States great Jesse Owens winning 4 gold medals.

The Art of Selecting Olympians and Executives

As the Head Coach of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team I have faced many of the same challenges my corporate counter parts deal with every day. I have had to set the vision and goals, communicate them to the stakeholders, build commitment and alignment across the organization and of course, produce results. And just like the CEOs I work with today, I recognize that how I went about fulfilling these basic responsibilities not only had momentous consequences, but it also defined the culture of the organizations I led. After all, deciding which world-class athlete would represent the U.S. team is a high stakes business; imagine selecting your executive team knowing that 3 billion people will watch how your team performs.

Winter Olympics Tickets in Vancouver Canada – Save Money on Olympic Tickets

Winter Olympic Ticket information and places of interests. The center of Vancouver whistler village where you will see all the athletes.

Where to Get 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Tickets

Are you excited about the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics that will be held in Vancouver? Did you know that the selling of tickets for this much awaited event is already ongoing? That’s right and phase 3 of the ticket selling process was already completed last November 14, 2009. Continue reading this short article for information on how you can get tickets to the Olympics.

British Olympic Heroes

If you were to compile a history of the best performances of British competitors in the Summer Olympics you would have hundreds of highlights to review. Looking at the Winter Olympics would however reveal a very different story.

Cardiff to Host First Ever Mental Health Olympics in 2010

In spite of some controversy and much discussion of logistics, the first Mental Health Olympics will open on September 28, 2010, at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. The Mental Health Olympics features international athletes with formally diagnosed mental health issues competing in a number of athletic events.

The First Perfect Lift I Ever Saw

This is a recounting of the first time that I had developed the visual acuity to determine the perfection of a competitive lift. This epiphany took place during the 52 kg. class of the weightlifting competition at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

Are Medals More Important Than Morals?

The sordid saga of the former East German female athlete who was the victim of state sponsored doping is startling. Due to abuse of performance enhancing steroids, she developed masculine traits and had to undergo sex change operation. Such dreadful after effects bring up the question: What is more important? Medals or morals?

Olympic Games Deserve Respect and Peace

The Olympic Games are solidly based on the ideals of mind, spirit, body and international camaraderie. In ancient Olympia fair play and friendship were promoted ahead of any other aspects of the festivals and participation was more important than winning.

Weightlifting at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics

This article considers the changes taking place in international weightlifting as a result of the holding of the first Summer Youth Olympics. The qualifying standards and how they differ from the Youth World Championships is discussed as well as the effects on the national governing body for the sport of weightlifting.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Travel Tips

Let’s fast forward a few months… You made it! After endless weeks of planning, plotting, scheming and saving, you’ve not only managed to make it to Vancouver 2010 safely but you’ve even managed to settled into your gorgeous furnish vacation rental and put your jetlag to rest with a good night’s sleep. And now, full of espresso, enthusiasm and expectation you’re ready to commute to your first ever Olympic venue to cheer your country on towards gold!

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