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Life Lessons From the 2012 Olympics

As the 2012 Olympics unfold, each new event brings another aspect of an Olympian’s life into view that only pushes me further into awe. Whether it is watching Michael Phelps collect his 22nd medal and claim his place in history or watching the gymnast Gabby Douglas win her first gold medal, I feel pride at their achievements. Each one of the athletes has me thinking about the messages that are communicated without saying a word.

Can We Create Wheeled Robotic Coaches For Olympic Track and Field Training?

During the 2012 Olympic Games in London perhaps you noticed the camera set up on the track which followed the runners around? Well, what if such a system existed for coaching and training of Olympic track and field US athletes? Indeed, it is my contention that this is now completely feasible, and the robotic system could even give advice on pacing, timing splits, form, and other important issues. Okay so, let’s talk.

Lessons From the Olympics

Allow the success and failure of Olympiads to motivate you… physically AND mentally. It is my honor to treat a number of professional, amateur and elite athletes. I want to share an observation from the recent Olympic events in London that can hopefully help your own performance.

Olympics 2012: India’s Hopes for Winning the Medals

After four years of intense preparation by the sportsmen across the country, it’s the time when they will be finally put to test in the London Olympics, this July. As the time for the mega event has approached so closed, it’s time to comprehend how our national heroes and hopes will perform in the highest platform of the Games.

Olympic Long Jump In A Space Colony – New Galaxy Record, No Problem

In watching the 2012 London Olympic Games it was amazing the level of agility shown in the track and field events. These humans were more like superheroes than anything else. It was simply amazing to watch the long jumpers going over 25 feet, and triple jumpers go 50+ feet. Of course, before the Olympic Games had concluded NASA pulled off an Olympic level feat of their own landing a rover on Mars, which weighed more than the average SUV, using a strategy that looked like something that even Arthur C Clarke couldn’t have come up with.

Olympic Teams Need a Twitter Coordinator To Check Pre-Tweeting Content

During the 2012 London Olympic Games it seemed as if often the news headlines were about Twitter rather than the actual event. It’s almost as if Twitter was one of the Olympic sponsors, because they were constantly in the headlines, they were making the news, and people were using that platform to announce the winners of the events before they were televised on NBC, a company that paid a tremendous amount of money to be the official news outlet for the Olympic Games.

Olympic Medal Metal

The 2012 Olympic Games in London commenced with a proud, yet quirky opening ceremony routine last week. Reviews of the cornucopia of motley dancers and national UK heroes were gracious, sprinkled with honest descriptors like “Britishly odd.” Now the obligatory promenade is over, international audiences gather at their TVs in the hundreds of millions to watch the world’s most competitive athletes give their all. The competitors come to take home the ultimate prize in sports – the Olympic gold medal. Or silver. Or bronze. But preferably gold.

Memories Of The 1976 Summer Olympic Games

I prefer the Summer Olympic Games much more than the Winter version for a pretty simple reason. I grew up in Texas and there were not a lot of chances to play much Alpine Skiing with friends.

Weird But True Olympic Stories: Things You Might Not Have Known About the Olympics

2012 will bring us another Olympics year and for sports fans and Olympic fans, this is an exciting time. In the months to come, we will see athletes training and preparing for their events and it’s time to root for your country and your favorite participants.

Dinosaurs at the Olympics

With the London Olympics starting, the thirtieth running of the modern Olympiad and the third time that London has hosted the games, we can expect to see a number of records broken over the next sixteen days or so. For a palaeontologist, one of the fun things to do during this huge sporting occasion is to examine what the fossil record tells us about dinosaurs and whether there is evidence to suggest how well the Dinosauria would do if they competed alongside us humans.

Does The Olympics Really Bring Nations Together? It’s Always Claimed to In The Traditional Sense

As a highly competitive individual, I see the Olympic Games as abundantly beneficial to humanity. I see it as a way to bring nations together, and show each other that we are not really all that different. In doing so in sporting events, it allows for maximum nationalism while still uniting all humans across the planet in a common cause; the cause of the human spirit if you will.

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