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What It Takes to Earn Football Scholarships in America

Most high school players dream of receiving a scholarship to play college football. Unfortunately, most won’t. But there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of getting one, and today I’ll be sharing some tips with you that can do just that.

Why Core Training for Football Is a Must If You Want to Dominate

I’ve found that the core muscle group is one of the most under-developed and overlooked muscle groups for football players today. If you haven’t been deliberately training your core, I’m hoping that will change after you read this today.

Football and Yoga – What Every Football Player Should Know About the Benefits of Yoga

Looking for an edge on the football field? Don’t laugh, but you may want to consider yoga. Today, I’ll explain why.

Creating a Football Speed Training Program

Football is a game of speed, and creating an effective football speed training program is one of the most important things a coach or athlete can do to improve on-field performance. Many coaches and athletes struggle with developing speed, so this article will explain some of the basic principles that must be understood.

Madden 13 Cover Vote: Cam Newton Vs Calvin Johnson Break Down

In a competition that truly gauges sheer fan interest in players, Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson have made the finals of the Madden 13 cover vote. A host of football fans are Madden gamers, myself included, and it’s usually a big deal to see who the person on the cover is. Long gone are the days of EA Sports’ walled-off selection process for the Madden cover athlete. Now, fans can cast their votes on ESPN’s SportsNation for the face of the game and truly have a say in who appears on the next cover.

Leaving College Early? Too Many Athletes Listen to the Wrong People

“In some South Pacific cultures, a speaker holds a conch shell as a symbol of temporary position of authority. Leaders must understand who holds the conch-that is, who should be listened to and when.” – Max De Pree. More often than not, athletes who are coming out of college with the expectation of being drafted, or who declare for the draft before completing their eligibility, are listening to too many of the wrong people. When you are a successful athlete at any level…

Which Supplements Should You Use for Football?

Anyone looking to start a sport needs to consider many of the aspects that will surround this particular sport. In the end, no matter which sport anyone considers, the goals are always the same. When someone joins a sport, their goal is to be the best at that sport.

Buying AFL Pictures and Other Memorabilia Online

Are you a big fan of Australian football? Perhaps, you are one of the many people wishing to collect AFL memorabilia. The good news is you can now get your items online. Read on to know more.

A Kicker With a Ponytail

A tomboy at heart with hair pulled back, Lauren Luttrell, a graduate of Spotsylvania High School, has her sights set on becoming a kicker for the Virginia Tech Hokies and if that comes to fruition, the first female to join the college football team. How could a young woman maintain and perform at a level expected in a “man’s” sport?

Be A True Fan And Pick The Right Nike NFL Jersey

You were there from the beginning. You were a fan way before your team got popular. You root for your team regardless of how well they are playing on the field. You are what some people would call a “fanatic”, but what you really are is devoted.

Payton’s Suspension And The Value Of Players

The National Football League has slammed the New Orleans Saints with a major punishment for ‘bounty’ violations, including suspending head coach Sean Payton for the entire duration of the 2012 season. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who the St Louis Rams hired this season, has also been suspended, for an indefinite time period. Joe Vitt, the Saints assistant head coach, has been given a suspension for the first six games of the next season, without pay, and general manager Mickey Loomis has received an eight games suspension.

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