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Tim Tebow’s Time Over With the New York Jets

With a three paragraph news release, the New York Jets have released Tim Tebow after just one year with the team. After drafting Geno Smith in the second round of the NFL Draft, the team had six quarterbacks, and it was just a matter of time before they began releasing one or more of them, starting with Tebow.

Solve A Problem: What’s the Meaning and Origin of Well Talked About Football Terms

I’ve heard a lot of chatter lately revolving around the meanings and origins of popular football schemes. The complaints that I have been hearing are that these terms like option offense and 4-3 defense are thrown around by commentators without any real definition as to what they mean and this can make it hard to follow the game. This seems like a rather simple problem to solve so I’m here to define exactly what each scheme is, why it’s called what it’s called, and where said scheme originated.

How To: Understand the Basics of Football

Normally I enjoy discussing topics that are suited for the more educated football fan, but recently I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from people trying to be fans, but simply don’t understand what they are seeing. Growing up in a football family myself the game of football has always come naturally. Everyone I knew always understood at least the basic rules so I assumed it was the same in every family but when I got to college I realized everyone has their own family interests and football isn’t always one of them.

Some of the Reasons Why Scouts, Coaches and GM’s Fail on Draft Day

I was happy to see the NFL roll out its new Player Assessment Test this year, which examines prospects’ psychological makeup. Previous mental assessments used by the NFL, like the Wonderlic test, were of limited use and for the most part outdated, as far as evaluating the future success of individual athletes.

Some Must-Know Facts About Soccer Clubs

Soccer clubs are grabbing immense popularity these days with a number of kids, young and old people joining these clubs. Let us discuss in detail some must-know facts about these clubs.

Football Injuries May Be Life Threatening

Kids love balls and kicking a football around from a young age is something parents allow them to do. As they grow, however, the addiction to contact sport may be something they will want to avoid.

History of the Premier League

The English Premier League games thrill a huge percentage of the British public every week during the winter and also football fans abroad. This article takes a look at how the Premier league originated.

Know About the Important Football Coaching Skills

Football coaching permits one to teach athletes the fundamentals of football and also brings prospective talent to play. Success mainly depends on practice. Learning as well as implementing football training plays a vital role during practice.

2013 NFL Draft Steals and Sleepers

While the 2013 draft class seems to lack the star power we saw last year in Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, this class has deceptive depth in the middle rounds. There are still phenomenal players that will no doubt be future staples on a starting roster-just waiting to be given a chance.

Is Football a Dead Sport Walking?

An examination of the state of American football and a comprehensive solution to assure its continued life. This solution focuses specifically on the occurrence of concussions and the longterm brain injury that results from repeated concussions.

How to Perform a Kickoff in 7 Steps

Kicking a football is in the category of things that look like they should be easy, but in actuality are not at all. To the untrained eye, it would appear that all you have to do to perform a good kick is just to run up to the ball and kick it as hard as you can, which could not be more untrue. Little do people know that a major factor behind kicking a football is technique, not your strength or power. You could have all the leg power in the world, but if you do not know the proper strategies and techniques to kicking, then you just might embarrass yourself. In this article, I will be describing how to perform a successful kickoff in seven steps. Hopefully after reading you will have a better understanding of this craft and will be able to apply these steps to your game.

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