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Will the Philadelphia Eagles Contend For a Super Bowl?

Donovan McNabb is still the franchise player for the Philadelphia Eagles. He has been a member of the Eagles franchise for 10 years now and still the Super Bowl win has eluded him – not all his fault. Many years McNabb would have to create all by himself and throw to average receivers at best.

San Francisco 49ers – Most Improved NFL Team?

The San Francisco 49ers are a young team with lots of upside. Head coach Mike Singletary and his “I want winners” mentality seems to be working. The 49ers gave the Minnesota Vikings all they could take – it took a Favre miracle pass for the Vikings to win.

Can the New York Giants Win Another Super Bowl?

The New York Football Giants look to win their second Super Bowl in 3 years in 09′. While the previous Super Bowl win was considered an upset but many – this years Giants will not sneak up on anyone. The Giants have a core of players who can lead them to a Super Bowl appearance again for sure.

New Orleans Saints Are Super Bowl Contenders in 2009

The New Orleans Saints have a very talented offense that can take them deep into January without question. QB Drew Brees is playing the best he has ever played and will be a favorite for MVP once the season is over. The 09′ season should be a good one for the Saints franchise overall, many expect the Saints to play late in January.

Dallas Cowboys Remain Strong Without Owens

Despite not winning a playoff game since Troy Aikman was quarterback, the Dallas Cowboys still manage to steal the spotlight in some way or another. The Dallas Cowboys moved into their coliseum for the start of the 09′ season. With a larger “space ship like” stadium and a party atmosphere comes high expectations for the actual team.

Carolina Panthers Slump to Miserable Start in 2009

The Carolina Panthers are coming off a good season all things considered in 08′ with a 13-3 record. The Panthers playoff performance against the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Divisional game, losing 33-13, was something they would like to forget obviously. Jake Delhomme’s threw for 5 interceptions in an awful day.

Atlanta Falcons Look Strong in 2009

The Atlanta Falcons are off to a good start to the 09′ season. Can they keep pace with the New Orleans Saints all season in the NFC South division? This will be a very tough task.

Arizona Cardinals Face Decisive Games

The Arizona Cardinals had a very odd 08′ season. The Cardinals barely made the playoffs and many said they were the worst team to make the playoffs in a very, very long time. Once the playoffs started the Cardinals were an entirely different team – they certainly proved that an NFL team does not have to play well at the end of the regular season to do well in the playoffs.

Is This the Year For McNabb and Reid?

I have been a true Philadelphia Eagles fan every since I was a little kid watching Randall Cunningham run, throw, and even punt the ball in order to help the team win. At the time I lived in Watertown, NY and Syracuse was my favorite college team.

Why Michael Vick Should Not Start Sunday

Sunday is the first regular season game that Michael Vick will be allowed to play and we will finally get to see him on the field. However, he will not be the starting quarterback. I’m sure we’ve all heard about his interview and how he expected to return to the NFL and be a starter. This was not specific to the situation he is in now though.

The Brown’s Disaster

The Cleveland Browns have always been bottom dwellers. Fingers have been pointed at coach’s and players alike, but maybe it’s time to point at the organization as a whole.

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