Charles Davis Previews Rams vs Buccaneers in NFL Divisional Playoffs | CBS Sports HQ

2007 NCAA Big East Football Preview by Vernon Croy

Lady’s and Gentlemen it is that time again to look into the upcoming Big East NCAA football season that is only 65 days away as of June.27. Louisville Cardinals 2007 Preview, Rutgers Scarlet Knights 2007 Preview, West Virginia Mountaineers 2007 Preview, South Florida Bulls 2007 Preview, Cincinnati Bearcats 2007 Preview, Pittsburgh Panthers 2007 Preview, Connecticut Huskies 2007 Preview, Syracuse Orangemen 2007 Preview.

NFL Europe Has Champion XV

It was a thrilling game of American football played at an out of control pace, as the Hamburg Sea Devils went out to get an early lead and with that they ended the cheering of a highly enthusiastic crowd of 48.125 at the Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena

What Is Going On With All Of The High Priced Football Athletes!

There seems to be something going wrong with some of the NFL players in the league. Some of the players seem to can’t stay out of trouble nowadays. There has to be something done to clean up the image of the NFL.

Game Day Nutrition for High School Football Players

Game day nutrition is especially important for young athletes. Learn how to optimize your child’s performance and improve their endurance levels.

How Mark Cuban Can Be Successful With The UFL

Hats off to Mr. Cuban for trying to create a new football league. I, for one, am all for it. But, I want to caution him about the direction of this league. Here’s a way to make the climb less difficult.

The Miami Dolphin’s 2007 Schedule – Who’s on Their Play List

Every year, Miami Dolphins fans find themselves swimming in wonderment, questioning whether their team will be good, bad, or just plain ugly. While the NFL is filled with teams that need little speculation – teams that are routinely playoff bound or teams that are a shoe in for a good draft pick – Miami isn’t one of them. Perpetually hovering around the .500 mark, with a few good seasons and bad seasons peppered in, the Dolphins are a team that can go either way: towards a winning season or into the dark cracks of failure.

“Dandy Don” Meredith – A Great Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Quarterback Don Meredith was one man who contributed greatly to the early years of Cowboys football success. A student at Southern Methodist University, University Park, Texas, Meredith played college ball, starting as quarterback for three years. He was selected as an All-American in 1958 and 1959 and lead the Southwest Conference in passing completion percentage during his three starting years.

Crab Blocking – The Ultimate Equalizer in Youth Football

Tired of your weak or small linemen getting steamrolled by bigger and stronger defensive linemen? The crab block is the answer.

More Reasons Why Youth Football Teams Should Never Run the High School System

Need more answers and logic to why it is insane to run the local High Schools offense? Read on.

The Secrets to Running an Effective Sprint Out Pass in Youth Football

The sprint out run pass option is the most effective passing play in youth football. This is how to run it effectively:

The Optimum Team Size in Youth Football

Too many or too few players on your youth football team can destroy competitiveness. What is the optimum number?

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