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Jerry Jones States Cowboys May Split Cornerback Duties

Typically, this happens at the start of a season when a team is unsure as to who will be the better fit. Within the first few weeks, the stronger option will establish himself, winning the role for the long haul. According to Jones, this may not be the case here. He claims that this platoon could continue throughout the entire season.

Personalised Football Shirts For Football Teams

If you’re a 5 a side or amateur football team, finding the correct supplier of football shirts is important. When choosing your team football kits it is important to make sure that your supplier can also accommodate your needs in terms of providing football kit printing and/or embroidery so that your team’s football kits can be personalised appropriately.

NFL Admits Poor Planning For Cowboys’ Video Unit Height

The NFL has come out and taken responsibility for the fact that the Cowboys’ brand new video unit is low enough to disrupt play. The height will be adjusted promptly, according to the league.

New England Patriots Set to Explode in 2009-2010 NFL Season

It’s NFL football time and I couldn’t be more excited. Today, I wanted to talk about those New England Patriots, who I believe are primed for a huge run this season.

College Football – Michigan State Crushes Montana State, Both Sophomore Quarterbacks Look Good

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio’s job became harder after his Spartans polished off 1-AA Montana State, 44-3, but it also became sweeter. It became harder because 1-AA Montana State is a far cry from the opponents the Spartans will face as they work their way through Big Ten competition in the weeks ahead. It was sweeter because Dantonio’s two sophomore quarterbacks-Kirk Cousins and Keith Nichol-both looked good. Read the full story.

Football Field Dimensions For Different Levels of Play

Football field dimensions are mostly the same for American NFL, NCAA and high school level. The CFL league has bigger overall dimensions compare to American leagues.

The Resurrection of Michael Vick

Here we are after his poor lifestyle choices off of the field. Cost him his integrity his public image his freedom destroyed his reputation and cost him a130 million dollar contact. In his rise from beneath the ashes Michael Vick Has inked a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles returning him to the field after A 2007 NFL ruling left him looking at indefinite suspension.

College Football Week 1 – Brigham Young, Boise State, Alabama and Oklahoma State Are Huge Winners

Brigham Young, Boise State, Alabama and Oklahoma State were college football’s biggest winners in the opening week of the NCAA season. No. 20 BYU upset No. 3 Oklahoma 14-13, No. 14 Boise State whipped No. 16 Oregon 19-8, No. 5 Alabama beat No. 7 Virginia Tech 34-24, and No. 9 Oklahoma State turned back Georgia 24-10. Read the full results and see whose stock is rising and whose is falling.

The Count Down to College Football 09

Well to all the college football fanatics out there, all I can say is it wont be long now. Based on how fast the season is now approaching what do you think the early story lines will be?

Free College Football Picks – NCAAF SEC Predictions

College football season is back and football fans couldn’t be more excited. The tradition of college football is special. It is even more important for fans of the SEC. The SEC has long been thought of as the conference to beat in college football. While the Big 12 is gaining on them, they should still be the top conference in the land, yet again. So what does the most powerful of power conferences have in store for them this year? Check out these Free College Football Picks and find out.

Who Will Be the NFL’s Best Team Against the Spread in 2009?

In 2008, the best teams against the spread were good teams overall (as usual). Baltimore was 11-5 overall and 12-4 against the spread, The New York Giants were 12-4 overall and against the spread, and the Tennessee Titans were 13-3 overall and 12-4 against the spread. That gives us a hint, pick a good team.

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