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College Football – Week 10 – In Just Two Years Nick Saban Has the Crimson Tide No 1 in the Nation

Goodbye Texas. Hello Alabama. It is now the Crimson Tide that have become the No. 1 coveted target in the nation for big-time college football programs in America. The Texas Longhorns, who were No. 1, took on their 4th top-ranked team in consecutive weeks and came up short to No. 6 Texas Tech 39-33. The reason Alabama vaulted from No. 2 in the AP rankings to the top spot is because the Crimson Tide shut out Arkansas State Saturday 35-0. Read the full article.

Chicago Bears – The Greatest NFL Team of All Time

Arguably the greatest NFL team of all-time, the 1985 Chicago Bears played one of the best football seasons ever witnessed in the planet. They shut out their opponents with an over-all score of 456 to 198. Composed of an interesting group of diverse players and characters, the ’85 Bears remains to be a benchmark for future teams.

Washington Redskins – The Five Greatest NFL Teams in the History of Football

Subject to argument, the five greatest NFL teams of all time are the ’85 Bears, ’72 Dolphins, ’62 Packers, ’91 Redskins, and ’99 Rams. Other people will rank them differently in various orders or, instead of placing the team on their top five, put it in their top 10 list. That said everyone is entitled to their own ranking given that it is backed up with facts and statistics.

Buffalo Bills – The Big Business That is Professional Football

The National Football League (NFL) is by far the richest sports league in the world. Its average team is worth $957 million and its richest team, the Dallas Cowboys, is worth $1.5 billion. This makes the Cowboys the most valuable sports franchise on the planet.

Atlanta Falcons – How American College Football Elevated to Pro

American College Football started in campuses when Harvard and Princeton students played a ball game that was akin to soccer and rugby, but had different set of rules. This “game” soon became popular among different schools and evolved into what we now know as American football. University teams competed against each other and established the Intercollegiate Football Association (IFA). Because of its success, it soon picked up national interest and was elevated to a professional sport.

Carolina Panthers – How the Carolina Panthers Made History

The Carolina Panthers is a fairly new team, having been granted an NFL franchise only in 1993 and only started playing in 1995. In their first year, they already proved their worthiness by winning seven games and winning over then defending league champion, the San Francisco 49ers. Although it had a luck start, it had one of the worst team seasons in NFL history in 2001.

Cleveland Browns – The Evolution of Professional American Football

Growing in national popularity from an intercollegiate sport, American Football became one of the most popular sports in the United States. Today, it is still considered as one of America’s most loved sport. Its popularity spans not only the whole country but the entire globe, owing to the success of the National Football League (NFL).

Baltimore Ravens – The Brief History

A professional American Football Team, the Baltimore Ravens is based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are a member of the National Football League (NFL), the largest American football league in the planet, and are one of four member teams in the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division. The Ravens’ football uniforms are colored black, gold, and purple. They play at the PSINet Stadium in Baltimore.

Arizona Cardinals – The Biggest Loser in NFL History

In their nine decades of playing football, the Arizona Cardinals have lost a total of 664 games, 57% of all the games they have played. Since 1947, they have won only one playoff game, and since 1984, had only one winning season. In 86 years, they have won over ten games five times compared to the Philadelphia Eagles, England Patriots, and Indianapolis Colts, which have all won over ten games, at least five times in the past seven years.

The Glorious History of American Football

American Football was derived from early versions of soccer and rugby football, both of which originated from the United Kingdom, mid-1800s. Both soccer and rugby, and thus American football, have the objective of kicking the ball to a goal or over a line.

Big Names in American Football History

If you claim to be a big fan of American football, you should know the legendary names in the sport’s history. These legendary athletes continue to be an inspiration not only to football fans but to aspiring players and athletes in general.

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