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The Bear’s Defense is Back, Or Was Back

I hate to say it, but until Urlacher got hurt, the Bears defense was looking rather 2006. They were flying all over the place and hitting the crap out of our offensive players. Not to mention the hit that he put on Aaron Rodgers that nearly took my breath away. Urlacher smashed Rodgers right on his throwing shoulder. Thankfully the hit has not appeared to cause any real damage.

High School Football Varsity Crew Meetings – Why They Are Important

This article explains why high school football varsity crew meetings are important. Communication with crew members is key and can start at informal meetings before the season even starts.

What Are NFL Teams Worth on a Global Marketing Scale?

How much are NFL teams worth? What is the most valuable NFL franchise? How do they compare to the top clubs in the world?

How to Keep Flag Football Safe For Youth Players

Flag football is a great alternate sport to contact football. However, if not taken seriously, the sport can also be as dangerous as contact football.

NFL Will Have No Salary Cap in 2010 – What Does it Mean?

Roger Goodell announced that the NFL may have no salary cap come 2010. Some people don’t really care about this news, but it does play a huge part in the sport, and here is why.

Impact of Coaching Changes For 2009 NFL Season

Entering the 2009 season a lot of us are excited to see teams with new players acquired during the off-season, but more often than not, it does not really impact those who are interested in more than just the game itself. With the exception of course when Randy Moss was acquired by the New England Patriots, boy did he make an impact. For me, it is not really the players acquired that matters, but the coach and the system he instills on the team which makes the team win or lose. As we inch closer to the season let us take a look at those teams which made coaching changes and how it would impact the teams winning capability.

“Rolle” Model

One of the best stories in College Football last season, was the awarding of a Rhodes Scholarship to Florida State safety, Myron Rolle. Myron eschewed the riches of the NFL for an education of a lifetime. Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Myron Rolle, at only twenty two years of age, is now laying the foundation for a philanthropic endeavor of enormous proportions.

The Speed Ladder is Great For Football Speed

There is one big reason why the speed ladder is perfect for football speed, and that is the athletes speed improvements increase drastically in the shorter distance and smaller space. This is very important in football because 80% of the activity is done in a small area. Linebackers need to be explosive getting to the ball carrier and the distance run is usually less than 20 yards.

Use Caution When Purchasing Football Tickets Online

There are a number of places to purchase Chicago Bears football tickets online, but caution is needed to make sure the seats you get are at a reasonable price for their location in Soldier Field. Many fans have a talent in locating online ticket deals for the Bears, while others work hard to find exactly what they want.

What is Right About College Football?

Columnists have been writing throughout the summer about what is wrong with the current landscape of college football. They have told us that the NCAA football championship is a farce, that players are being paid under the table at major universities to play football, and coaches are throwing good college kids under the bus to further their careers.

Cheap Football Tickets

Football is back and for fans anywhere there is nothing like the thrill and excitement of watching your favorite team – college or NFL – play in the flesh. Monday Night Football is one thing but it hardly compares to the thrill of actually being there.

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