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Quarterback Coaching Techniques

To be an effective quarterback player, you need to have good quarterback techniques, know the game, strategies, and rules, as well as the players and their roles. Quarterback training may be one of the most difficult coaching jobs of all. Not only must you help your quarterbacks run through their practice drills, but you must also be able to gauge which one is the most skilled, and will be the most effective on the field in a particular situation.

Football Safety Tips For Kids

Football is the definitive American pastime for millions across the country. This article offers a few things to keep in mind before letting your son or daughter on the field this season.

Ways to Work in College Football

This is an article that suggest ideas on how to work in the college football industry. These are concepts that will win national championships.

Horsecollar Tackle Now Illegal in Youth Football

Until February of 2009 the Horsecollar tackle has been prefectly legal in High School and Youth Football. What gives?

Weight Training For Defensive Backs

A weight lifting routine for defensive backs should reflect the demands made on them during the game. Defensive backs should train heavy, like a linebacker, but for speed, like a receiver. They need to be decisive, explosive and extremely strong for their lighter body weight.

Quarterback Camp Or Quarterback DVD?

Quarterback camps focus on training the quarterback to be the best possible player he can be. Rigorous training that is focused only on the quarterback position provides a foundation for learning the skills necessary to be an effective member of the team.

NFL Players Missing Off-Season Workouts

Many NFL teams have begun their off-season mini camps. Now although most are optional many players choose not to attend these workouts. Most notable is Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens. After Owens was released by Dallas he quickly found a new home in Buffalo, but as always with T.O. nothing ever changes. Owens decided to miss the first couple weeks of optional workouts in Buffalo and claims he is just fine doing his normal routine by himself. T.O. has never been one to go out of his way for his team and has not attended workouts in March since his days as a 49er. Owens is now with his third different team since leaving the 49ers in 2003 and has not changed his ways. Many people felt it would be good for Owens to show up and show Buffalo that he is committed, but of course Owens had other plans.

Cutler and the Broncos

Jay Cutler has only been in the league for 3 years and has already begun to had his share of off-season problems. Cutler was the Broncos first round pick in 2006 and has started two seasons for Denver. Although Cutler has displayed his excellent set of skills on the field he has yet to have a winning season, thus failing to make the playoffs two consecutive seasons. Cutler broke the Denver Broncos passing yards in a season record in only his third year in the league. So why all the trouble?

Young Looks to Regain Starting Spot

Vince Young was one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in college football history. After leading his team to two rose victories and a national championship against heavily favored USC Trojans, Vince Young has found himself in a tough situation. Vince Young was selected as the third overall pick in 2006 by the Tennessee Titans and started eight games his rookie season and went on to win offensive rookie of the year honors.

Indianapolis Colts Are Rewriting History Each Season

The Indianapolis Colts shook up the NFL establishment when they became the first pro football team to have both cheerleaders and a marching band. Even though the Colts had a solid base of fan support, there was an immediate rush by the public to grab all of the available Indianapolis Colts tickets when the announcement of team cheerleaders was made public.

Minnesota Vikings Anxious to Make 2009 a Stellar Year

The 2009 season is close at hand and the pro draft is about to begin. For the devout Minnesota Vikings fans these are some of those special moments to savor. Talk is rampant about the possibility of acquiring quarterback Jay Cutler. Having Cutler lead the team would be appealing to a large number of fans and would certainly send the demand for Minnesota Vikings tickets into the stratosphere.

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