Carson Wentz Remains On COVID-19 List Ahead of Week 17 | CBS Sports HQ

Projecting Sam Bradford in the NFL Draft

Soon the NFL Draft will be here and many are wondering where their favorite player is going. Sam Bradford missed much of his final year so it could be hard to tell where he will get drafted.

Is Brett Favre Really to Blame For the Vikings Loss?

Brett Favre turns in the best year of his career only to have it end on a sour note. But is it all his fault?

Why Haven’t the Saints Ever Been to a Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints have never won a Super Bowl. The question is why haven’t they?

Qualities of a Placekicker – How to Become a College Kicker

The qualities of a top-notch place-kicker can be broken down into both physical and mental preparation. Without these attributes, a kicker will have difficulty developing their kicking game and coping under pressure.

Top Ten College Games of the Decade

I thought I would give my list of the top 10 college football games of the decade. There are tons of games that could make the list, but if I had to narrow it down this is my top 10.

A Fan’s Guide to Buying NFL Team Jerseys

An endless number of pro football jerseys are sold annually worldwide. Fans buy them to wear to games themselves while others are given as gifts. Are they popular? Take a look in the stands the next time you watch a game on TV. Sometimes it seems more people are wearing them than aren’t!

NFL Conference Championships Preview

Conference heavyweights do battle with Super Bowl berths at stake. Who will punch their ticket to Miami? Bold predictions and an explanation for the Leno situation highlight this jumbo preview of the Conference Championships.

Super Bowl XLIV – Final Four

With the Super Bowl a matter of weeks away, I thought I would run through the current best bets for the last four and who I will be picking to go all the way from a value perspective. The focus will be on the stars this weekend as the media whips itself up into its usual frenzy.

Football Season and Its Halftime Commercials – How Businesses Cash In

Football season is just around the corner and once again every American football fan are glued to their TV sets to watch the Super Bowl. Sometimes viewers aren’t even there to root for the favorite players, let alone watch the actual game itself.

Football at the University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame was founded by Father Edward Sorin, CSC, who also became the school’s first president. Originally intended to be an all-male institution, it had graduated its first women enrollees in 1972. To date, the school now has about 47% female population. The Catholic heritage is visible through its architecture, made obvious by the Basilica of the Sacred Heart plus a lot of chapels and religious icons around the campus.

How to Be a Great Cornerback in Football

The cornerback position is one of the hardest defensive positions to play in football. You are responsible for either running man to man with a wide receiver or playing a zone and possibly having to cover a few players at once. This can be intimidating for a lot of people, but if you use the right techniques and train well, you can improve your skills at this position.

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