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Football Camp for Kids

Since the devastation of Katrina, residents in New Orleans have been trying to put their lives back together. NFL stars Peyton Manning and his brighter Eli have given time, money, and support to their city.

Tips For Getting The Best NFL Game Seats

There is arguably nothing better than attending an NFL game in one’s home stadium. The cheers of the fans, the great stadium food and of course the game itself all add to the excitement of the day. For those who are looking to obtain tickets, there are a few tips which may enable an individual to get the best NFL game seats possible.

Factors Which Make For a Great NFL Game

Catching an NFL football game, whether on television or in person, is a great way to spend the day. There are certain key components however which make a particular football game even that much more eventful. When considering the following factors, one is sure to agree that these specific components make a game more exciting.

New Coaches In The NFL

A new season has prompted new leadership from several NFL franchises. There isn’t anything particularly different about this year’s batch of staffing changes. Coaching staffs come and go as frequently as Seattle rain, but this year’s batch of rookie coaches have more to deal with than new coachs of the past.

Will The 49er’s Move?

The San Francisco fans might be a little disappointed to hear that if the plans for a new San Francisco stadium fall through, the team might be moving to another city. The team wants a new stadium and is willing to do just about anything to get one for their satisfaction.

Looking For Work In The NFL

Since most of the training camps will be starting in a week or two, teams have be scrambling to sign players and offer them fair contracts. But there are still those who are waiting for more money. They would rather wait than sign and go to camp. Training camp is not necessary in order to play on a professional team, but it is highly recommended and most players attend some sort of training before playing a game.

Lynn Swann For Governor

Lynn Swann, who played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers has decided to run for governor of Pennsylvania in the states elections later this year. This will be the first race for political office for the former football star. His celebrity has been helping a little on the road to the governor’s seat. But he still has a long way to go.

New Coaches For NFL Teams

There will be some new faces on the playing fields this season in the NFL. Ten new coaches will join teams across the country. While some are better than others, new coaches can serve many purposes. Giving a new perspective on how the game is played may help many players who are struggling a bit. New training exercises, schedules, and plays can also revitalize teams that did not have the greatest seasons in the past.

Sean Locklear: Sentencing

Last January, Sean Locklear who plays for the Seattle Seahawks, was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. Locklear is a right tackle that is a large part of the team strategy. Allegedly, Locklear was upset about his girlfriend dancing with another man at a night club.

Factors Which May Determine NFL Team Status In The Upcoming Football Season

There are a few different factors which may help to determine how a team is going to do in the upcoming NFL season. Although these factors are not ironclad with regard to predicting team status in the upcoming season, they are factors which help to show how a team might do the next year.

Necessary Items To Bring To An NFL Football Game

There is arguably nothing better than attending an NFL football game and experiencing all of the excitement surrounding this sporting event in person. For those who are unsure as to what to bring to the game, there are a few necessary items which all fans and spectators should not be without.

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