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Colts-Titans – A Tale of the Winning and the Winless

In a case of extremes, the 4-0 Colts step into Tennessee to face the disappointing 0-4 Titans. For Indianapolis, Peyton & co. are making winning look easy. The Titans, on the other hand, have already surpassed their loss total from last season as they try to keep their season alive against an explosive Colts squad.

Why the Packers Will Lose the Big Games

Clearly the Packers have some bright spots on their team. Aaron Rodgers can clearly be an elite QB and several other young Packers, like Jeremichael Finley and Clay Matthews, also played well in Minnesota. However, the Packers also have some big time problems. And they are the types of problems that will show up in big games. The two primary problems are the offensvie line and in the defensive secondary. These just happen to be two areas that get exploited in the big games at the end of the season.

Become a Gridiron Champion – The Best Football Strength Training Routine is Right Here!

If you are serious about being a big time player at the high school, collegiate, or professional football level then you have got to read this article about the best strength training workout routine for your performance. Permit yourself a minute to read a learn about what strength training routine will significantly improve your game day experience!

Week Five Preview – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Eagles are coming off the Bye Week and take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It remarks the return of Donovan Mcnabb, Brian Westbrook, and also the 2009 season debut of Jeremiah Trotter. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the key players from the Bucs and what can be expected of them Sunday.

Fundraising For Youth Football

Most youth football players will be involved in some kind of fundraising. It may be selling candy, raffle tickets or a walk-a-thon.

About Flag Football and Playbooks

Flag Football is a popular game filled with fun and action, and is in fact, a modified version of tackle football, but instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag from a flagbelt from the ball carrier to end a down. Flag Football provides participants with the opportunity to develop many of the same skills, tactics and strategies without the body contact (blocking and tackling).

Thoughts on the New York Jets’ Acquisition of Braylon Edwards

The New York Jets recently traded a few players for the Cleveland Browns’ top wide receiver, Braylon Edwards, a University of Michigan stud wide receiver who has now been in the league for several years. The Jets have been making some big moves this year so far, drafting Mark Sanchez and starting him at quarterback and hiring Coach Ryan to lead the team.

Miami Dolphins Look Great With Chad Henne

The Miami Dolphins were the surprise football team of the 2008 NFL regular season. After going 1-15 in 2007, they were literally the joke of the NFL and no one expected much more out of the team entering 2008. At the last minute, the Dolphins decided to sign Chad Pennington, a quarterback who had been released from the Jets just days before.

Steven Gerrard Pictures an Even Better Performance Next Season With Liverpool

Find out how and why Steven Gerrard pictures an even better performance from him in the future. Discover how football players can learn to develop their game and improve their all-round performance on the football pitch.

Giants Have the Most Complete Offense in the NFL

Through the first few weeks of the NFL season the Giants are proving each week that they may obtain the most complete and dangerous offense in the NFL. Below are where the Giants rank in the NFL in offense.

Eli Manning – 2009 NFL MVP?

First off, I don’t expect Eli Manning to be slowed down at all from the plantar fascists injury that he sustained Sunday against the Chiefs. I believe at worst the Giants may rest him against the Raiders. Eli is a gamer and will be ready for New Orleans in two weeks.

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