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Dallas Cowboys Lose Close One to Giants

This was perhaps the most anticipated game of the NFL football season thus far. The first ever regular season game in the new Cowboys Stadium, a mega dome for America’s football team, and by association, America’s stadium. What a beautiful stadium it is.

Carolina Panthers Begin 2009 Dreadfully

Who would have thought that the Carolina Panthers would start out the 2009 football season with an 0-2 record? This is the team that finished last year at 13-3, and looked better and better with each week that passed. The Carolina Panthers were a dangerous football team in 2008.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Drop to 0-2 in 2009

No one really knew what to make of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2009 NFL season. This was a strong team that made the playoffs in 2007, but one that faltered a bit in 2008, slipping in terms of both offense and defense.

The Bengals Bounce Back

The 2008 football season was a disheartening one for the Cincinnati Bengals. A 4-11-1 finish was very disappointing to say the least, and largely resulted from the absence of star quarterback Carson Palmer, who missed virtually the entire year due to injury. Without Palmer, the team was anything but dangerous, and its offense virtually non-existent.

St Louis Rams Can’t Buy a Win

Can anything good be said about the St. Louis Rams? Any football fan would be hard pressed to find something positive about the miserable situation of the St. Louis Rams. I suppose one could point to their 9-7 loss at Washington as a sign that things are on the verge of improving, one fact remains.

Arizona Cardinals Improve to 1-1 After Beating Jacksonville Jaguars

The Arizona Cardinals had the strongest finish in the NFC last season. While the team barely made the playoffs, this didn’t matter much once the post season had arrived. The team caught fire and scored big playoff wins against teams like the Panthers and Giants, advancing to the Super Bowl and nearly winning it against the Pittsburgh Steelers before a decisive 4th quarter Santonio Holmes touchdown won the Steelers the game, and the Super Bowl championship with it.

San Francisco 49ers Beat Seahawks, Improve to 2-0

How about those San Francisco 49ers? After a disappointing 2008 campaign that showed some promises of hope, it looks like this Niners team is ready to deliver on that hope in 2009. Coach Mike Singletary seems to have masterminded what is quickly becoming one of the better defensive units in pro football today.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fall to 0-2

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a few moves during the off season that led many to wonder whether they may once again contend for the playoffs in 2009. David Garrard seems to improve a bit with each season, the team acquired pro bowl wide receiver Torry Holt, and despite the absence of Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the finest talents at the running back position in the NFL, and this would be his year to fully shine. A few other key acquisitions bolstered a roster that looked like it was ready to contend.

Houston Texans Rebound From Week 1 Loss

After a disappointing 24-7 loss at home against the New York Jets, many began to doubt the high hopes that had been cast upon the Houston Texans entering the 2009 NFL regular season. This was a team that seemed to improve a bit each season during the past few years, and after an 8-8 finish, with a solid offensive core and an improving set of defenders, many claimed that the Houston Texans had a legitimate shot to win the division or make the playoffs. The week 1 loss to the Jets made many wonder what was going on.

Colts Face Week 2 Test Against Dolphins

After a week 1 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars that saw the Colts barely squeak by with a 14-12 win, the team faces what should be a tougher opponent in Jacksonville during week 2 on the national stage. The Colts travel to Miami to face the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. The Dolphins, winners of the AFC East in 2008, opened up their season on a sour note with a loss in Atlanta to the Falcons and will look to rebound from their week 1 loss.

Cleveland Browns’ Offensive Woes Continue

What to make of the Cleveland Browns? Having struggled mightily in 2008, the team looked rather hopeless ending off the season. No more Kellen Winslow.

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