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Florida Gators Tim Tebow Joins Denver Broncos Instead of Jacksonville Jaguars – How Do Fans Feel?

Tim Tebow came from the orange and blue Florida Gators to join the orange and blue Denver Broncos. What do the local Jacksonville Jaguars fans think? What will the critics say?

5 Keys for Syracuse Football to Get Back to a Bowl

So here’s the deal: it’s going to be incredibly difficult for Syracuse to reach seven wins and qualify for a bowl berth. Everything is going to have to fall into place, meaning failure in any one of these five areas will probably leave them watching bowl games from home.

Syracuse Football – 2010 Chances of Success, Failure

Ask yourself something, Syracuse fans. Do you feel lucky? Well, it’s time to break down the chances of SU finishing above, below or at expectations for this season.

2010 Syracuse Football Preseason Awards

The NCAA loves preseason awards. They give out All America nods during the preseason. They make a list of Heisman hopefuls. They even pick who the best team is before the season starts with a preseason poll. Frankly, I’m not sure why we even waste our time playing the games if we’ve already given out all the awards. So, since I, like the NCAA, have all the answers before the season even begins, I feel confident in telling you EXACTLY what’s going to happen this year. So here goes…

How To Get The NFL Playoff Tickets Without Being Conned

Getting NFL playoff tickets is not such a hard thing as some people take it out to be. At the same time, it is not a piece of cake altogether. If you would like to make sure that you watch these games and you watch them well, then it is imperative that you do more than the average person.

Champ Bailey Biography – His Early Years

One of the most respected defensive players in NFL today would have to be Champ Bailey. Often considered to be amongst the best (if not the best) NFL cornerbacks in the country…

How Far Can the New York Jets Go With Revis Island Back?

With the stroke of a pen, the New York Jets have once again become a trendy NFL weekly pick. All it took was finally agreeing to terms with cornerback Darrelle Revis. Of all the soap operas going on during the NFL preseason none was quite so high-profile as Revis’ protracted holdout.

Wear The NFL Jerseys For The Game On The Weekends And Cheer Your Teams

If one sport has a humongous fan following, then it has be football. This is one of the games played all over the world in almost all the countries. It has become an unwritten mandate that every diehard football fan will have an own collection of jerseys of his favorite players and teams.

College Football Season Is Here

The top two teams for the up and coming NCAA College Football season are the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Whether you enjoy watching college football, NCAA football or watch football online this will be an amazing year.

Five Things You May Not Know About Rams And Eagles Great Roman Gabriel

Roman Gabriel had a great career and some very good years with both the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams. Here is a look at some little known information about this all time great.

The Buffalo Bills Quarterback With The Most Career Wins

The Buffalo Bills came into pro football in 1960 and over the years have seen good times and bad. What quarterback has the most wins for the team though?

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