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Talking What You Don’t Know

A disagreement with comments made by a prestigious sports television analyst that also delves into race. Charlie Strong, head coach of Texas football, may be on the hot seat but who should make remarks on it and who shouldn’t?

Playing Australian Football in Windy Conditions

Windy conditions can have a significant impact on the playing of Australian Football. This is because the field used is the largest of any of the football codes and because kicking the ball plays a major role in how the games is played and won. This article just introduces some basic ideas on how players should adapt to playing in windy conditions to maximise their chances of winning the game.

Does Being a Bit of a Jerk Help Football Coaches Win?

I recently found myself in a conversation on this topic with a few prominent college and professional football coaches. To be clear before continuing on, I used jerk in my title to keep it as clean as possible, but much more colorful language was used in our conversation. The consensus, in this small sample, was that it is very difficult to win at the highest levels for very long without it.

Playing Australian Football in Wet Weather

Wet weather or wet conditions change the way in which a player must approach playing the game of Australian Football. In the first instance, the wet conditions means the skill of kicking the ball accurately becomes more difficult. The article looks at the basics of playing Australian Football in “The Wet”. If the coach can’t instil these basics in his team’s play, then the game will deteriorate into a “Rugby like maul”.

Is Michael Vick a HOF?

An open-minded thought about whether or not Michael Vick deserves HoF recognition. While being one of the most polarizing athletes in history, he may gain consideration for his performance on and off the field than his stats.

Supporting Your NCAA Pride With Your Team Colors

Tailgating. It is a must. In fact, it is almost a weekly ritual. Pop up the tent, turn on the grill, play a few tailgate games and though it seems like it isn’t soon enough, it is game time! So get ready to cheer on your Tigers and chant about your Razorbacks or get ready to roll tide. Whoever your NCAA sports team is, you have almost everything on your checklist. However, there is one thing missing…

East Carolina Pirate Fan Base Serves As Model for College Football Fans

HURRICANES AND HOPE – In 1999 Hurricane Floyd ravaged eastern North Carolina leaving behind in its wake a path of destruction and misery. Hurricane Floyd has been called the worst natural disaster to ever hit North Carolina. Lives were lost, families were up rooted and towns were left to deal with the devastation of a once in every 500 year flood.

Why the Dallas Cowboys Are the Best Team in the NFL

Being the best team in any league is not soley based on the record. I believe the Dallas Cowboys are the best team because they opperate on more than just putting up winning records.

The Little Things of Australian Football

Today, in modern Australian Football, these “Little Things of Australian Football” are called the “one percenters”. They are highly prized by coaches and team mates because they are often the unnoticed actions in the background of the game that brings success to the team. Often, they are recorded on the “Stats” sheets and are commented on during a game review. Our author lists 31 “Little Things of Football”, expanding some to add clarification and offering explanatory notes, where necessary, at the end.

The Cardinal Sins of Australian Football

As with all sport, there are cardinal sins made by players that give their opponents in the game a chance to score. Australian football is no different. Today, in modern football, they are called “clangers” and appear in the statistics compiled during the game. This article was originally written as part of a coaching plan for the Queensland Schoolboys team as part of their preparation for the 1973 Australian National Championships against the might of Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia where these ideas were ingrained in the players’ psyche. In Queensland, as a minor sport, there was much less passing on of these ideas to young players by their coaches.

The Perfect Three Point Stance

It’s more important than you think. We know of a three time state champion in the state of Illinois who spends 30 minutes of every practice on the proper stance. Yep, you read that right. If a three time state champion allocates that much of his practice time, then maybe us youth guys better take a closer look!

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