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Run Fu: Running Backs And The Four Minute Drill

The four minute drill in football is different from the two minute drill. While the two minute drill is a pass happy with a purpose to preserve the time left on the clock, the four minute drill’s objective is to quickly use up the time left on the clock. The latter has a great need for a consistent yard gaining running back while the former has no need for that position at all.

What’s Different About the Australian Game of Football

Historically, Australian Football was the first type of football played in Australia. Some believe its origins are seen in games played by our indigenous brothers. Although it developed initially in Victoria, it spread to all the Australian colonies during the second half of the 1800s. In the article, the author explains sixteen ways in which the Australian game is so different from other football games. It is played on the largest field of any code; has the most players involved at any time; played for the longest time and is the fastest football in the world.

Seattle Seahawks Teach the Intelligent Way to Tackle

PROBLEM: HEAD INJURIES AND TRAUMA FROM LEADING WITH THE HEAD IN TACKLING – By now we are all well aware of CTE and the potential dangers playing football can have on our brains. The Concussion Movie is just the latest high profile event illustrating how the effects of repeated head trauma football players can suffer. There have been several new technologies and improvements in football equipment, namely in helmets and monitored devices, that have tried to alleviate the impact blows to the head have, but few have tried to address tackling techniques until now.

Why An Annual NFL V College All-Stars Game Would Work

I do not mean the NFL’s best against College’s best because that would be a mismatch. I mean the NFL’s best first and second year players against the best college players.

Using Interchange in Junior Australian Football Games

The interchange rule was the greatest change in Australian football for coaches of young teams. It meant that the coach could give every player in every position maximum ‘on-ground’ experience. This helped to develop all players more quickly and lessened the dropout rate of the initially less able boys. Our author began coaching in 1961 and continued to coach junior and high school teams until 1999. He gained level 2 coaching certificate in 1980. The article explains why the interchange rule is the best rule change and how he used it to develop his players and create the best playing results.

Jello-Rock: A Football Greased Pig

Running backs that run less than a 4.5 in the 40 yard dash don’t get much respect and they generally get ignored by most college coaches and scouts.

Why Louisville Would Be A Great Fit For An NFL Team

The NFL is a league that loves to expands to new and untapped markets within the United States. There are many major cities out there in the U.S…

Why Omaha Would Be A Great Fit For An NFL Team

This article will talk about why Omaha could be a good fit for an NFL franchise in the near future. This article will focus on the Omaha’s steak culture as well as its already prevalent sport culture.

My Proposal For NFL Overtime Procedure

This article will talk about how I propose the NFL Overtime should be conducted. This article will discuss a system similar to the college game with some notable modifications to suit the pro game.

How To Improve The Playoff System In College Football

This article will introduce an eight team playoff in college football. It will talk about how this can be implemented and which conferences should be involved. I will spend the majority of this article explaining my proposal and why i think it would be ideal for college football.

How To Buy Football Shoes

Football shoes are very important for a football player. So it is imperative to wear high quality shoes because it has a direct impact on your game. Here are some tips for you on how to buy football shoes online.

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