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The History of Liverpool Football Club

If it wasn’t for one man. Mr John Houlding who in 1892 was club chairman when Everton left a field over an argument about rent. Everton had been paying one hundred pounds pa in 1884 by 1890 he had raised the rent, Everton did not agree with the rent increase so the arguments began.

The Grass Roots of English Football

The world wide game of football that we all love and watch every Saturday afternoon. But nobody knows the history of football and the Grass roots of English football and were it all began. Let me explain, then you know where the passion comes from.

Mark Ingram a Fallen Giant

Mark Ingram has had a life full of extraordinary highs and rock bottom lows. A true fallen giant who has gone from Super Bowl XXV hero to an inmate in the Federal Prison System.

Oakland Raiders Attempt to Rebuild Franchise in 2009

What can we say about the Oakland Raiders? After an amazing start to the decade (think back to the dominant days of Gannon, Rice, Brown, Garner, Woodson, and others), the Raiders simply haven’t been what they used to be. As a Jets fan myself, I can remember fearing the presence of the almighty Raiders year in and year out.

New England Patriots Must Worry About Brady

Tom Brady is back in New England, and football fans have generally expected the team to pick up right where it left off before he went down. Many analysts have predicted a New England Patriots Super Bowl victory entering the season, as some new weapons in New England make the team even stronger in their minds than before.

An NFL Ticket Broker Means No Hassles

When fall nips the air, a young man’s fancies often turns to thoughts of the gridiron, tailgate parties – and of course, NFL football tickets. The problem is that obtaining great NFL game tickets is often a hassle, involving travel, fighting crowds and traffic at times during which you could be doing something else. Consider that an NFL ticket broker can spare you a great deal of that hassle; for a small commission fee (less than you would wind up paying for fuel, parking, wear and tear on your car and of course, your valuable time), can provide you with …

The Value of Personalized Football Kits

Good online sales websites aspire to providing the best football kits available on the market. These companies offer a wide range of styles, designs, sizes, colours and fabrics to meet all requirements and guarantee a product that not only looks amazing but also feels amazing to wear.

A Reliable Chicago Ticket Broker Makes it Easy to Find Premium Chicago Tickets

Fall is in the air, and that little nip of cooler weather makes sports fans start to think about football. Chicago sports fans know that they can use the services of a great Chicago ticket broker to help them find all of the sports tickets in Chicago that they want. Both premium and affordable tickets are offered by ticket brokers. Chicago fans love how simple it is to get Chicago tickets from their Chicago ticket broker.

Just How Far Can the Saints Go in 2009?

I’ve been a Saints fan all my life. I’ve begun every season with high hopes, and I’ve had my dreams crushed in just about every year (usually by the midway point of the season). That’s just the life of a Saints fan.

Former Alabama Football Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and His Great Accomplishments

Alabama Crimson Tide football is tradition rich with a number of great coaches over the years, and has produced a number of great players that have impacted the NFL greatly. Not one of them can compare to one coach who changed the face of college sports forever, and that is Paul “Bear” Bryant.

College Football Wrap-Up Week 4 – Seven Upsets Turn Top 25 Into a Scramble With Few Survivors

No win in College Football’s 4th week of action was any bigger than unranked Iowa’s 21-10 upset victory on-the-road over 5th-ranked Penn State. Iowa is now unbeaten at 4-0. The Hawkeyes ruined the Nittany Lions perfect 9-0 season last year with a 24-23 victory at home, and proved it was no fluke this year on Penn State’s turf. There were 7 upsets this week among Top 25 teams, creating more confusion than clarity.

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