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Houston Texans Show Improvement in 2009

The Houston Texans have come into the season with higher expectations than ever before. With one of the game’s best wide receivers, a very strong running back in Steve Slaton, a capable QB in Matt Schaub, and a solid defense, things look promising this year for the Texans from a talent point of view. Many people believe that the Houston Texans could make a run at the playoffs this year.

Expert College Football Picks – Big Ten Predictions

The Big Ten has always been thought of as a power conference. The media has always had a love affair with them and it used to be for good reason. However, the past few years, they have been on the down slide. The SEC and Big 12 have run away with the bragging rights to college football supremacy. For example, last year the Big Ten boasted a 1-6 record in their bowl games. Some might argue that it’s great that they got seven teams into a bowl game. Let’s check out these free college football picks and see just how “Big” the conference will be this year.

Expert College Football Picks – ACC Preview

Over the years, the ACC has slowly become known as a basketball conference. However, contrary to popular belief, there is some good football being played here as well. In recent years, perennial powerhouses like Miami and Florida State falling into mediocrity, other contenders have emerged as the teams to beat in the conference. How will the ACC play out this season? Let’s take a look at what to expect with these free football picks.

Jacksonville Jaguars Struggle to Begin 2009

A stronger Jacksonville Jaguars team came back revamped and determined to make an impact in 2009, with some solid offensive weapons in place. While the team did lose veteran running back Fred Taylor, they Jaguars have a magnificent athlete in Maurice Jones-Drew, and many NFL experts call him a top five running back in the league. This could be an enormous season for Jones-Drew, as he’ll get more carries for the Jacksonville Jaguars than ever before.

Indianapolis Colts Must Win at Miami

The Indianapolis Colts came into the 2009 season with high expectations. Always a competitive team, anything short of a Super Bowl may be seen as a disappointment in their minds. The team ended up narrowly defeating the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars in week one, leading into a much more difficult week 2 match.

Pittsburgh Steelers Must Deal With the Loss of Polamalu

The Pittsbugh Steelers were on top of the world after a big, last minute Super Bowl win earlier this year. As a favorite to emerge out of the AFC once again (despite the resurgence of the Patriots), the Steelers were sitting in a good position before the start of the season. The offense in Pittsburgh looks as good as it ever has.

Cincinnati Bengals Are New and Improved in 2009

Last year was not a good time to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan. The team, with a high powered offense and high expectations, had a very disappointing season, as they won just four games during the entire regular season. Granted, the heart and soul of the team, Carson Palmer, was out with injury, but this was still a major letdown in Cincy.

The Ticket Broker Advantage – Eagles Football

It’s fall in the “City of Brotherly Love,” and that means it’s time to think about reserving your Eagles football tickets. You have several options when it comes to where you buy Eagles tickets, but for sheer convenience and speed, you can’t beat the services of a reputable ticket broker.

Baltimore Ravens Stronger in 2009 Than 2008

The Baltimore Ravens were one of the more successful NFL teams in 2008. Under the steady leadership of rookie quarterback Joe Flacco (who, despite his rookie status, showed the steady command of a seasoned veteran), the team had a successful 2008 campaign both offensively and defensively. The Ravens ended up making the post season and while they lost, they were certainly pleased with the caliber season they’d had, and looked forward to the 2009 football season.

Buffalo Bills Look Steady in 2009

The Buffalo Bills are an interesting team. With so much attention being focused on the New England Patriots and the new and improved New York Jets (not to mention the defending AFC East champion Miami Dolphins – oh yeah, remember them?), the Buffalo Bills are being overlooked.

The Cleveland Browns May Be the Worst NFL Team

The Cleveland Browns are looking quite miserable. After a very disappointing 2008 season, it doesn’t look like things are much better so far in 2009. Looking at the cast of players in Cleveland, it doesn’t seem like there’s much for them to be too excited about either.

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