Best Sportmanship in Football!!

Newcastle Student Gathers Quick Athlete Quotes at 2008 Beijing Olympics

The third-year communications major was one of 40 students from the University of Newcastle worked as “flash quote” reporters at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The job entailed interviewing athletes from around the world after their events and posting their comments as quickly as possible to the Olympic News Service.

A Swimming Fairy Tale

USA vs France. the World was watching. The Americans were actually the underdogs this time. would they pull out the win?

The London 2012 Olympics – Who Will Pay For It?

The Department of Culture and Sport took financial considerations very seriously when launching the UK Olympic bid and several innovative funding schemes were put forward including highly controversial council tax hikes and an Olympic Lottery. About Β£550 million of government funding has already been allocated for Stratford Park and the Olympic Village infrastructure which includes electricity and water supply.

The World’s Five Worst Olympic Countries

Since 1964, Cuba has produced athletes with a huge superiority complex and strong anti-American feeling. They have showed this anti-Olympic feeling many times. Angel Volodia Matos Fuentes, a Cuban taekwondo athlete, is the only athlete in the Olympic history that has hit a referee… Regla Torres was suspended and could not play for several months…Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor Sanabria will be remembered as one of the worst examples in the world sports community…

What Sports Are Played in the Olympics?

There is always a question about how many sports are played in the Summer and Winter Olympics and also exactly what sports are they? These questions can be answered if you can get a hold of an official Olympic sport list.

US Olympic Track and Field Trials

The US Olympic track and field trials are perhaps the most competitive track and field event outside the actual Olympics track and field events and some other international competitions. Definitely, it is the most competitive athletic event in the world at the national level. It is a competition, which attracts the attention of the global media. Despite their rather subdued performance in recently concluded Beijing Olympics in general, and athletics in particular, the United States remains one of the proudest sporting nations in the world. It has been the world leader in the track and field events.

How Do You Book Hotels For the 2010 Olympic Games?

If you plan on attending the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, it is good to know when and how you can book your hotel. This is very important so that you can find a place to stay that doesn’t result in you driving or using public for a long period of time in order to get to the events you have tickets for.

Olympic Sport List – The Most Highly Recognized Sports Events on the Planet

The Olympics are the most highly recognized sports events on the planet. Taking place summer and winter every four years, the Olympics draw huge numbers of spectators and a television audience that is unrivaled.

Olympic Topiaries – A Symbol of Pride to People’s Republic of China

One may be hard pressed to pinpoint the single most impressive sight throughout the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as the city lends itself so naturally to inspiring displays. Much of the focus was placed on the Games’ opening ceremonies, and the striking new structures that were built specifically for the 2008 contests. However, it was the Gardens at the Beijing Olympics that gave visitors the opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the destination.

Beijing Olympic Games Upsets 2008 – Fastest Woman on Earth 100-Meter Gold Medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser

Beijing Olympic Games upsets in 2008 include the 100-meter track event. Three Jamaican women swept the medal take at the Beijing Olympics. Let us take a closer look at Shelly-Ann Fraser who is now the Olympic-crowned ‘fastest woman in the world’.

Beijing Olympics Official Site

The Beijing Olympics official site hosts the most thorough information about the games. While the games were proceeding, the site published the latest reports and photos of the events, so if you wanted to revisit the triumphs of Michael Phelp’s eight gold medal events or Usain Bolt’s rise into the pantheon of Olympic stardom, then the site contains all of the articles and photographs that captured those moments.

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