Best 50 Goalkeeper Saves !

Taking the Gold From the Olympics

The Olympics has great entertainment value, but it also sends some wonderful messages. We can all glean some wisdom in between the downhills, flips, and turns of these performances.

Poker Brings Athletes Together at Olympics

The Olympic Village in Vancouver has turned into a makeshift poker venue for athletes from around the world. At the end of the daily competitions, athletes are unwinding and finding ways to connect with fellow Olympians through the international language of cards. The events for gold medals may be taking place on the snow and ice, but the bragging rights for the best poker player is taking place on tables inside the Olympic Village.

How Three Winter Olympic Athletes Cross Train For Their Sports to Bring Home the Gold

This article is about three of the hottest Winter Olympians competing in Vancouver right now. They are Lindsay Vonn, Bode Miller and Apolo Ohno and how they train in other sports to improve their overall fitness to be on the podium after most of their races.

Olympic Hockey Preliminary Round Wrap Up

This article summarizes the preliminary rounds for men’s and women’s hockey in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Highlights include the currently undefeated United States men’s and women’s teams and Russia and Canada information.

Twist Your Pucks, It’s Miller Time!

Team USA beats Canada 5-3 in a edge of your seater, heart skipping, nerve wrecking battle that lived up to its billing. Or did it?

Norwegians Have Skill Too, Not Just Cool Pants

Almost 200,000 people have joined a Facebook Fan page dedicated to the trousers. And golfer John Daly, who is sponsored by the pants’ creator, Loudmouth Golf, and wears a wide array of the colorful pants on the PGA Tour, give his support to the team.

The Olympic Games – Bringing People Together

Although the world’s top athletes come to the Games to compete, the Olympic medal count matters less than how the games are played. After watching the Winter Olympics of 2010, one would have difficulty saying that they have not been played well whether medals were won or not. What is important is the team spirit and sense of togetherness that seems to envelope the world during the Olympics.

Olympic Curling – 9 Things to Know

Getting hooked on Olympic Curling? Here are a few key facts to amaze your friends.

How Lysacek Won Gold on an Injured Foot

Figure skater Evan Lysacek was suffering from a stress fracture in his foot and he still came away with the Gold Medal in Vancouver. How did he do it? This article explains how athletes must stay in tune with their body.

Special Combination of Qualities Compose an Olympian

The Olympics are happening in Vancouver. The eyes of the world are on the athletes.

A Leader Among Us Can Make All the Difference

When a leader is going to attempt to change an overall culture in an organization, you need an employee in the corporate setting to model and showcase the desired behaviors. The leader then needs to hope and pray the executive gets the results to demonstrate how the new culture can drive and produce. Here’s Ryan Heckman’s story.

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