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NFL Players Are Different From You and Me

It’s really difficult for the casual fan to understand just how incredibly, physically demanding the game of football is at the professional level. The first time you see a receiver with the skin on the palm of his hand split open because the pass he just caught from the quarterback was thrown so hard it turned the football into a weapon.

How to Get Recruited to Play College Football – 3 Easy Steps That Can Make Your Dream a Reality

If you have been wondering how to get recruited to play college football, you are finally on the right path. This article can give you the steps you need to take to put yourself in a great position to play at the next level. If you have the talent, size and skills to play football, these steps can help you get there.

Why Do LSU Tigers Wear White in Football Games

Ever wondered why LSU team is wearing white on their home games? Did you know that this tradition goes back to as far as 1958? Find out more on this tradition.

Weis and Notre Dame May Be Parting Ways

With Notre Dame losing to the University of Connecticut at home on senior day this weekend, many speculate the loss just sealed the fate of head coach Charlie Weis. Even Weis knows that a 6-5 record in his 5th year as the head coach of the Fighting Irish is not what the school expected when he was hired. Weis was supposed to be the savior of the football program, it was his job to get them back into BCS contention but that has not panned out so far.

Tebow’s Last Home Game Will Be Something to Remember

When people say Tim Tebow is the “big man on campus” that’s an understatement, the University of Florida quarterback is a living legend not only on the campus, but also all across the southeastern states. While there have been many great football players that have come out of the Gator program in the past none of them have had such a positive impact on the campus as much as Tebow. When Florida host in state rival the Florida State Seminoles this weekend which will be the gators last home game of the year, but more importantly it will…

Tom Brady – A Short Biography

In this article we provide a short biography of Tom Brady, the star quarterback of the New England Patriots. More importantly, we try to provide some insight into how he has achieved such enormous success, and from this hopefully understand what is possible for all of us, whatever our goals and aspirations may be.

Football Fitness – A Single Exercise For Top Notch Football Workouts!

Are you a football player looking to drastically improve your level of fitness, as well as, your gameday playing ability? If so then permit yourself a minute to read this article and learn about what single exercise you can implement to take your strength training routine to a whole new place!

Its Been a Bumpy Road For Us! (True Minnesota Vikings Fans)

Being born in the late 1970’s, I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to witness first hand the Viking’s success in 1969 when they went 12-2 (the best record in the N.F.L.), and held the longest single-season winning streak with 12 straight victories. Have our prayers been answered? With the Vikings off to a 9-1 start this season, and a strong hold of the N.F.C. North, it appears so.

High School Football Official – Your Own Safety on the Field

High School Football Officials are always aware of player safety. But what about us? Officials can and do get hurt during games.

Top 10 Tips For Working Your First NCAA Football Scrimmage Game

Working college scrimmages is the first step to getting hired as a college football official. This Top 10 list gives insight on how to properly prepare for spring football games.

Peyton Manning and Why He is the Best

I love Manning and think he is a great person, but also the best QB ever. The way he manages the game is unmatched.

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