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3 Awesome Receiving Records In Superbowl History

There’s a certain sporting event that has received enough attention to be on the world’s mind for a single day. It’s a huge blast of entertainment for men and women to watch, where incredible athletes do some spectacular things on a 100 yard field. There are 3 great receiving records in Superbowl history, let’s find out who defined them.

2012 NFL Mock Draft (With Explanations)

Pick 1, Indianapolis Colts – QB, Andrew Luck, Stanford The first pick of this years draft will be Andrew Luck. The only question is, who will be drafting him? Colts owner Jim Irsay says the team will draft either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III with this pick, which is expected.

The Road Less Traveled

I often talk about the importance of culture and character in building a team, whether it is in sports or in business. Despite overwhelming evidence that point to the importance of both of these factors in sustained success, very few teams and businesses pay little more than lip service to either of them. More often they fall into the trap of doing things the way everyone else in their industry does things.

Super Bowl Wagering Is Just A Part Of The Pageantry

When the Super Bowl wagering starts, keep one thing in mind: it is not always the favorites who win. It only took the third Super Bowl for the underdogs to pull off a stunning upset when the 18-point underdog Jets beat the Colts by 9 points. The parity in the NFL means that betting on the underdogs and taking the points is a pretty good wagering strategy.

Timothy Tebow: Man, Myth, or Mere Legend?

Thoroughly discusses whether Tim Tebow is a magnificent hero or whether he’s an overrated fundamentally flawed player with limited talent. Breaks down the facts of the Tim Tebow argument and where everything stands right now.

Tebowing: Busted, No More Tebowing in the Halls!

Have you seen the ruckus that “tebowing” has been causing around the country? Wait until you see the reaction of these 4 kids who got more than a slap on the wrist.

How to Be a Good Football Coach

A football can have as many as 10 to 15 coaches or more, depending on the team. Aside from the head coach, you have your offense and defense coordinators, the offensive and defensive line coaches, receiver coach, quarterback coach, and defensive back coach. You might even have a safety coach, a linebacker coach, and assistants that help out.

Houston and Cincinnati – A Question Answered for Houston Fans

NFL fans got a few questions answered this weekend, but certainly one got brought into clarity regarding the Texans. The real question hanging over Houston’s head for the past seven games is what to do about their quarterback. Over the first ten games of the year, Houston averaged 27.

Denver: Is This Team for Real?

Denver won the BL “What’s with That” award for the season, with good reason, but how come I keep asking myself the same question about the same team, week after week after week. I mean, what gives? Pittsburgh goes into Denver an 8.

Belly Option Out of the I Formation

The I formation has withstood the test of time. The I first gained popularity in the college game but has been used widely in the high school game as well. Although the staple play of the I formation is the old power or iso play, this formation is versatile enough to lend itself to other schemes and series. We used this formation almost exclusively for over twenty years at the high school level and experienced a great deal of success with it. Easy to learn and easy to coach, it fit well with what we wanted.

Freakiest Events In College Football 2011

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look at the freakiest events that occurred related to the game we all love. In no particular order, these are some of the most memorable happenings in football throughout the past year.

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