Beautiful Moments of Respect

We Want USA! We Want USA!

That was the Chant in Hockey Palace Area when Team Canada was up 3-0 to the Slovakia club. Those chants quickly disappeared when the Slovaks make it a two goal game with 8:25 remaining on the clock. That three goal lead would quickly evaporate to a one goal lead when the Slovakia’s would strike again with 4:53 remaining.

Sports in Latin America!

Colombia hosted the FIBA World Tournament in the early 80s. Like host country, the men’s basketball team, with Jim McGregor (USA) as coach, won the right to compete in the semi-finals, together with the USSR, America, Yugoslavia (now Serbia), Spain, Australia, and Canada. However, the local team had a particularly difficult championship, losing all five matches and scoring only 473 points while giving up 656. During that event, Colombia lost 143-76 to the Soviet Union (present-day Russia), one of the worst results in basketball history!

Sports in Turkey – From Basketball to Volleyball!

Surprisingly, the men’s basketball team came in sixth place in the World Championships in Japan in 2006, ahead of Australia, Italy, and Brazil. Four years ago, Turkey also took part in the global competition in Indianapolis (Indiana, United States). During that event, on September 7, 2002, the Turkish team made history when they beat Russia -former USSR- 91-86. On the other hand, Turkey – Ankara, Izmir, Kayseri, and Istanbul– will be host to the 2010 FIBA World Championships

Bravery Was Coloured Bronze at Winter Olympics 2010 – Part 1

February 2010 and the Winter Olympic games are in full swing in Vancouver, Canada. Over 80 gold medals were won in total, but I think 3 bronze medalists summed up the bravery needed to get a medal, and the first one is Anja Paerson.

Olympics – Where Universal Brotherhood, Patriotism and Individual Accomplishment Meld

The modern Olympic Games, where the majority of the countries of the world meet every two years now, it used to be every four years, is a microcosm of the world. It brings out the best in us: the athletes, the spectators and the countries of the world… who really become participants in the ‘greater’ event.

Who Will Win Hockey Gold?

You don’t have to believe in karma to see what results from being ungracious and disrespectful. Look at the Olympics to see what happens when people in public, are confident, respectful, determined and hopeful. Then look at the results when they are disrespectful to their opponents.

What it Takes to Be an Olympic Games Host City

When a city bids to host the Olympic Games and wins, then the real work begins. Yes, it is a huge honor to host the Olympic games but also a huge investment on the part of the host city. Denver, Colorado declined to host the 1976 Winter Olympic Games because the voters did not want to approve the $5 million bond to pay for updates, improvements, and promotions for the Winter Olympic Games.

Team USA Shoots For Gold!

After being held to only two goals scored on 44 shots against Switzerland and one of the two being an empty netter the American’s bombard Finland in the first connecting six times on thirteen shots. The Relentless American attack in the first proved to be their top 15 minutes of the tournament. After their fourth straight tally Finland goalie Miikka Kiprusoff pulled himself from the game and Niklas Backstrum came in to relieve him.

Sports in Japan – From Volleyball to Handball!

For the first time, the Olympic team of Japan finished third in the medal count in the Asian Games. At the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul, South Korea, the Japanese team won 58 gold medals and took third place in the unofficial team championships, behind China (94 gold) and the host country (93 gold).

Sports in Nicaragua – From Baseball to Boxing!

Baseball is the national sport in the Central American nation of Nicaragua. At the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas (Venezuela), the national team, backed by the Cuban Olympic Committee, won the silver medal, ahead of America and the host country. The silver medal was the second for the country in the Pan American Games; it was the first appearance for Nicaragua in the finals.

Sports in South Africa – From Swimming to Rugby

SA sent athletes to the 1960 Rome Olympics, but this appearance was its last until 1992. Why? Because of the nation’s policy of apartheid, from the 1960s to 1991, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), under the pressure from Africa, Guyana, and India, ousted the white-ruled South Africa from the Olympic Movement. In that time, SA was condemned by the United Nations and other major international organizations, including the International Olympic Committee.

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