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Brett Favre’s Consecutive Start Streak – Putting It In Perspective

Perhaps Brett Favre’s most impressive accomplishment is his consecutive start record. Favre’s streak is quite an impressive record, no doubt. But, have you ever really stopped to think about exactly how amazing it is? This article will help put it in proper perspective for you.

Will Spygate Haunt the Patriots?

Coming into last season, the Patriots were looked upon as the pride of the NFL, the next dynasty to be remembered for its class, expert coaching and drafting skills. Led by future hall-of-famer Tom Brady, the Pats could not be stopped with a superior offensive and defensive that was mixed with young talent and veteran abilities. Now at the end of this season as the total impact of Spygate is getting felt, one must wonder about how the team will be remembered.

Coaching Youth Football – Quarterbacks

As a coach you need to show confidence in your Q.B. The more confident a Q.B. sounds in calling a play, the more confident his teammates will be in running that play.

Coaching Youth Football – Coaches Notebook

Don’t take anything for granted about what players know. Tell them everything that could possibly happen on a play, offense or defense.

College Football Rankings For Next Season

A look at the national polls taken earlier this year. A summary of the interesting poll results.

The Sacking Of Avram Grant!

Avram Grant was never a popular choice at the bridge and his tactics came under scrutiny more than ones especially after the Carling cup loss to Spurs after taking a lead through David Drogba’s splendid free kick (although Paul Robinson should have done better).

Women Love Football Too

Football may be considered a sport for men but there are plenty of women out there who enjoy screaming for their favorite team. Women are as fanatic about their teams as men so throw your perceptions out the window.

The Azzurri Leading EURO 2008 Group C

As the EURO 2008 approaches all 16 teams which will participate in the international competition get set and ready to play their group rivals. Of the four groups the Italians have been selected along with Romania, the Netherlands and World Cup runner up bitter France.

There Goes The Neighborhood

Football fans know the Orange Bowl. Some even know it was built in 1937, that the Dolphins called it home during their perfect 1972 season, and that the Miami Hurricanes, its only continuous tenants, are now moving to the Dolphins’ newer stadium uptown, twelve years after its eponymous bowl game moved there. Watching televised games, you might have wondered what kind of two-bit burg would put up the chintzy “City of Miami Welcomes You” sign that rings the upper deck, looking for all the world like it was hand-painted in a garage for a fifth-grade art project. The answer, of course, is the poorest city in the land, where the most valuable asset is dirt.

Flag Football Drills

Flag football drills are an essential way for all your players to practice and prepare for game situations. Offense drills are important for practicing communication between the offense. Here are a couple flag football drills for your offense.

Flag Football Coaching

Flag football coaching is a wonderful way to teach your players how to successfully run plays and work together as a team. Always remember to begin by keeping things simple and strategically incorporating the strengths of your team when creating plays. Flag football coaching requires the ability to be flexible and adjust your game plan according to the situation at hand.

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