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The NFL Lockout Is Turning Everyone Into a Loser – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The decertified NFL players association – which is not, I repeat, not a union – is encouraging incoming players to skip the league’s draft festivities in late April if the current lock-out by owners is still going on. Instead, the not-NFLPA is planning to have its own party over the same three days at another location in New York City as an alternative for the draftees so that they don’t walk across the stage at Radio City Music Hall and shake the hand of “the man,” NFL commissioner Roger Godell. This is akin to a high school having two separate…

Team Loyalty and My Love Affair With the Dallas Cowboys

Everyone has their reasons why they are loyal to their sports team. Whatever the motives behind fan allegiances to their favorite team, these loyalties are emotional and can last a lifetime.

Notre Dame’s Historic Football Legacy

College Football may just be a more popular sport to watch on television then its sibling rival NFL Football. And it also boasts a significant history, but of all the college teams that have lent itself to that history, there is one team whose history towers above all others. That College is The University of Notre Dame, and its football team has a very historic pedigree, and its name is The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Waving the Red Flag on Blaine Gabbert

So I have a theory on quarterbacks – really skill position players in general – and how some of these players end their collegiate careers in January as projected 3rd round picks, and come April they somehow make their way to the top of the first round. The theory is simple: The further you get from the game tape (time wise), the easier it is to forget about flaws. From a production standpoint, there is absolutely nothing that warrants Blaine Gabbert being the first player selected in April.

The Top 25 NCAA Football Rankings Going Into Spring Training

The 2011 NCAA Football season is still five months away but the spring training is underway. Who is staying and who is going. Which teams well land on top?

Super Bowl XLV – The Game in Review

An estimated 111 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLV, setting a new record that had previously been held by Super Bowl 44 as the most watched TV program of all time. The Packers got out to an early lead and although challenged, never relinquished that lead to the never say die Pittsburgh Steelers. The final score of 31 -25 was indicative of the hard fought nature of the game.

How Clay Matthews’ Retro Alternate Jersey Boosted My NFL Interest

Remember those jerseys the Green Bay Packers wore when they played the San Francisco 49ers? Those were something weren’t they? I haven’t seen a color scheme that plain since the time when the NFL used leather helmets!

NFL Lock-Out – How to Fix This

Look at both sides of the NFL owner and players labor dispute and possible resolution. Includes financial terms for owners and players in negotiation process.

Getting in Shape for Football

You’ve seen all the movies. The entire team gets on buses and goes away to football camp, where a battery of grizzled and tough coaches put the players through months of physical training, honing them to their very best, pushing them to their limits so that when they take the field they are the toughest, strongest and most enduring team there is. Yet how can you mimic that training if you don’t have access to those coaches? In today’s article we’re going to take a look at the basics of football training to help you get in the best shape you can before the start of your own games or seasons.

Nigeria Versus Equatorial Guinea: All African Games Qualifier Match Preview

The Nigeria Olympic team tagged the Dream team V will lock horns with their Equatorial Guinea counterpart at the main bowl of the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin City, Nigeria on Saturday 26th March 2011 at 4pm prompt. The Nigerian team is under the tutelage of Coach Austin Eguaveon who was also the interim coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Big 12 TV Deal a Credit to Beebe

There are crises all over the world. Nuclear meltdowns in Japan. Near-revolt in Libya. Bankrupt European countries. There are so many problems to solve. My idea – send Dan Beebe.

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