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The History of the Denver Broncos Uniform

The Denver Broncos debuted in 1960 with uniforms which were criticized largely by the public. This could be caused by the fact that they were really ugly uniforms which consisted of brown helmets, brown pants, jerseys with a white and mustard yellow color, and the infamous vertically striped socks.

Playoffs For the Baltimore Ravens?

Coach John Harbaugh sees a bright future for his Ravens. They have a good chance in getting to the playoffs by improving their standings of being a wild card in the AFC playoff race.

Pittsburgh Steelers Rivals of All Times

The Pittsburgh Steelers is an NFL franchise who found themselves having three primary rivals with all three playing in the same division as theirs. The team’s rivals are the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens. Further, the team also have other rivals in the post season games namely the Oakland Raiders, New Engla

Outstanding Players of the Chicago Bears For the Win

The Chicago Bears have something to be proud of – linebacker Lance Briggs and running back Matt Forte have been nominated for the weekly awards given out by the NFL following a stellar performance against the St. Louis Rams.

Oakland Raiders Owe Their Success to One Man

The man behind the Oakland Raiders was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame on August 1, 1992. Raider’s owner Al Davis started his pro football coaching career four decades ago as assistant coach for the LA Chargers.

New York Giants Are Consistent Performers in the NFL

The day New York was introduced to football was the same day when the New York Giants were introduced, then called the New York Football Giants. This was done in the second half of the year 1925 when the team first played against the Frankford Yellow Jackets.

New England Patriots Gets Involved in the Community

The New England Patriots were caught in a controversy last year as they were caught stealing signals using electronic means which violated the league rules. The team reportedly videotaped defensive signals of the New York Jets’ coaching staff who were their opponents then.

Inconsistency of Green Bay Packers Costs Them Their 2008 Season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is happy with how his team is performing in the 2008 season. He is looking forward to more wins in the next few games his team will face.

Hurricane Katrina’s Impact on the New Orleans Saints

The city of New Orleans was the place where Hurricane Katrina hit the hardest in August of 2005. The hurricane extensively damaged the Louisiana Superdome, the home of the New Orleans Saints. Because of this, the Saints were not able to play any home games for the whole of the 2005 NFL season.

How the Cincinnati Bengals Came to Be

The year 1966 is a significant year for the Cincinnati Bengals because it was the year when their existence was first established. Then governor of Ohio, James A. Rhodes, convinced Paul Brown during a time when he wanted to become involved in pro football again, that Ohio needed another team. Cincinnati became the most logical choice.

First Monday Night Football For the Houston Texans – A Big Challenge

The Houston Texans have their time to shine and this season it is during prime time. With night-game schedules, the team does not necessarily have to look closely since they have played on Saturday evenings during the preseason games.

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