All Uchimura Kohei 🇯🇵2012 floor routines at the same time!

Michael Phelps Olympics Swimming – Phelps Racks Up Gold Medal Number 6

Michael Phelps Olympics swimming champion — latest win (today August 15, 2008) means he is just one gold medal away from equaling Mark Spitz’s record of seven Olympic Gold medals in one Olympiad. That’s six out of six events!

Olympic Facts – Mark Spitz & Michael Phelps

Who are the best athletes of the 20th and 21st centuries? Answer: Mark Spitz & Michael Phelps (swimming/aquatics). Spitz won seven gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich (West Germany). Phelps is the most be-medalled athlete in Olympic history…

Michael Phelps Swimmer – Astonishing 4th Gold Medal Performance Breaks All Olympic Records

There are just no words to describe Michael Phelps performance at the Water Cube in Beijing recently. He set a world record of 1:42.96 in the 200m freestyle. That’s an amazing second faster than Ian Thorpe’s peak performance. This gave Phelps his 3rd gold medal in Beijing and became his 9th overall. He also had won 6 gold medals at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Four Lessons From an Olympian

In August we see the beginning of another Olympic Games, where the world’s best athletes will compete and triumph. In my opinion, anyone who makes an Olympic team is a special role model, let alone the privileged few that make it to the medal platforms who are simply amazing. These athletes come from different countries and diverse cultures but share common traits that make them winners in both sport and life. Traits that we can all learn from to take our own lives to a higher level.

Watching the Olympics Brings Back Memories

So, I’m watching the Olympics and China’s talented athletes, and I begin thinking back on my many experiences with Chinese-American friends. I lived 10 years in Brooklyn, New York and I’m well aware of the impact of the Chinese culture on America; from food to medicine it is no secret that China’s dynasty is mighty.

Steroids and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The Olympic Games bring together the top athletes of the world, but in recent decades they have been marred by accusations of steroid abuse. Will the 2008 Beijing Olympics be any different?

The Aussie Olympics – Wish You Were There – Glad I Was!

What a thrill to have been at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. The greatest athletes, the most intense competition, the warm Aussie hospitality, perhaps the most beautiful city on earth … an extravaganza not to be forgotten.

Beijing – Murray Out of the Olympics

Andy Murray was confident about getting the gold medals in both, singles and doubles, at the Olympics; but his singles goal was over yesterday. The ranked number six of the world, was left out of the Olympics by loosing 7-6, 6-4, against the number 77 Lu-Yen Hsun, in the first round. This was an unexpected result, because after winning at Cincinnati many thought that Murray will be at the top of his confidence and form. However, his lack of performance led him into the end of his individual category participation at Beijing.

Interesting Facts About Olympics – Argentinian Football

Argentina won the silver medal in football in the Olympic Games in 1928. The players Olympic were: Ludovico Bidoglio, Angel Bossio, Saul Calandra, Alfredo Carricaberry, Roberto Cherro, Octavio Diaz, Juan Evatristo, Manuel Ferreira, Enrique Gainzarain, Alfredo Herman, Segundo Luna, Angel Segundo Medici, Luis Monti, Pedro Ochoa, Rodolfo Orlandini, Raimundo Orsi, Fernando Patenoster, Adolfo Zumelzu, Luis Weihmuller, Domingo Tarasconi, Natalio Perinetti, Feliciano Preeduca.

Olympic Opening Based on Feng Shui Principles

The Olympics are being held in the land where the Ancient Chinese gave birth to the thought process of living in harmony with their surroundings, later called Feng Shui. What is the key to balancing with Yin and Yang?

Global Olympic Pride

I’m sitting here trying to think of a worthy description for the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, and to be honest with you, I can’t think of any single word that would do it justice. After seeing it, there is no doubt that there is a huge wave of pride and patriotism rushing across China. Not to mention that two of the most powerful men in the world were present to see it.

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