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Why Not Have the Super Bowl in the Cold Weather?

Football is a winter sport, so it’s championship game should sometimes be hosted in the cold weather. The New York Giants and New York Jets want their new stadium to host the big game within the next few years.

Best Football Books of All-Time

For those of us who love football, the season does not end with the Superbowl. With the emergence of the internet (and even the NFL network), following your favorite teams and players, even in the off-season, has never been easier.

Vince Lombardi – The Man & the Legend

Vince Lombardi was born June 11, 1913 in south Brooklyn New York. Vince was a devout Catholic, attended St Francis Catholic High School and studied to become a priest. He gave up the idea of becoming a priest and began to play football with a love for the sport that became a career and lifelong passion.

2009 Season in Review – Week Nine

One week after a romping of the New York Giants, the Eagles would face a big challenge in the Dallas Cowboys with the leader finding themselves on top of the NFC East. It was a prime time game in Philadelphia and the Eagles could prove the nation that they were the real deal.

Teach Proper Head Position in Youth Tackling Drills

As a youth football coach it’s very important that when we are teaching tackling that we make sure that we emphasize that the players never use their head to butt, ram, spear, or make contact with an opponent. In drills covering tackling, all football coaches need to make this a priority.

NFL Draft Spotlight by Team – #2 Pick by the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions look to build off of their 2-14 record of the ’09 season (it’s better than 0-16!) and try to get out of the cellar of the NFC North. The Lions took their franchise QB with Matt Stafford last year, and they need to slowly rebuild to keep up with Green Bay’s young stars.

2010 Draft Prospect – Earl Thomas

It’s no secret that the Eagles need help on the defensive side of the ball. Safety is just one of the positions the Eagles could look to address with their first round pick in this year’s draft, and Texas safety Earl Thomas is one of the players the Eagles could look to pick up.

NFL Free Agency Rundown

With the NFL Free Agency winding down, we take a look at the big moves thus far. Providing a team by team break down we can see just which teams have made the biggest impact.

Mike Bell – The Right Move?

I saw comments all over the place last week with people weighing in on whether or not they thought Mike Bell was a good signing for the Eagles. It seemed like a pretty even split with people liking the move and people not liking the move.

Roger Staubach – Great NFL Quatreback

Roger Staubach first achieved national attention when he was named the starting quarterback of the Navy football team in 1962. Staubach went on to lead Navy to wins as their starting quarterback. He is the last player from a military academy to win the Heisman Trophy and is considered one of the most exciting NFL players of the 1970s.

Broadway Joe Namath – Claim to Fame

Joe Namath’s place in football history is not limited to his fine record of 12 seasons with the New York Jets and one swan song year at the end of his career with the Los Angeles Rams. He is arguably one of the greatest football players of all time.

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