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Five Things You May Not Know About The Cincinnati Bengals Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer is one of the better young quarterbacks in the league. Here is a look at some little known info about this quality player.

The Best San Diego Chargers Rookie Quarterback Of All Time

The San Diego Chargers are a great team and have had some great quarterbacks. Who was the best rookie quarterback they ever had though?

Preview College Football Picks That Will Affect the 2010 National Championship on Saturday

When it comes to making college football picks, keep in mind that everything old is new again. Or what goes around comes around. Or you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Favre Will Compete If Healthy

The Vikings have a difficult schedule this year and it looks a lot more difficult lacking Brett Favre. The Vikings will still be featured a lot in 2010 as they play four prime-time games including the opening game of the year on Thursday, September 9th against the New Orleans Saints. Currently, Minnesota has decided to start Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback instead of Favre.

Five Interesting Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of All Time Great Norm Van Brocklin

Norm Van Brocklin is in the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and deservedly so, based on an incredible run as a great pro football quarterback for both the Rams and the Eagles. Here is a look at some interesting information about the touchdown passes he threw.

2010 NFL Season Preview – AFC

Here’s a breakdown of every AFC team, including prediction standings by division. The Buffalo Bills (6-10), as we all know, are still stuck in a never ending rebuilding phase. Their incoming draft class does look promising, but C.

2010 NFL Season Preview – NFC

Here’s a breakdown of every NFC team, including prediction standings by division. The Mike Shanahan regime has seemingly injected new life into an ailing franchise, but a tough schedule and a shortage of playmakers will hurt Donovan McNabb’s chances of reaching the playoffs with his former division rivals.

A Look at the AFC Divisions

What’s going to happen in the tough divisions? Who will be the breakout team? Who is the overrated? How big of a role will the rookies play? Find out now!

Ravens Offence at a Glance

Ray Rice stunned us all with his 1339 rushing in the season, in addition to his 702 receiving yards. He averaged a full 9 yards per catch. Rice is still very young and hasn’t even hit his prime.

Find Out Where You Can Purchase Texans Tickets

If you wish to find some Texans tickets online, you have two options to choose from. You can either go to the official Houston Texans site, or you can find a reseller site and purchase your tickets from them.

2014 World Cup – Can An African Nation Ever Win This Cup?

In our life time can a miracles happen? Can we see a nation from Africa raise the cup which unites nations? I believe Africa do not need a miracle but hard work. It should start now by embracing this beautiful game, in the back yards. The governments form this continents should put more money on developing young players.

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