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Who’s the Most Valuable Rookie This Year?

As the 2009-10 season winds down in the NFL we have several very talented rookies jockeying for the honor of being called respectfully the Offensive & Defensive “Rookie of the Year”. When the season started I had Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings as the clear cut favorite for the award, I must admit I was a huge fan of his during his college days at the University of Florida. Percy Harvin is by far the most versatile of all NFL Rookies, he is able to catch & run the ball while lining up at multiple positions….

Reggie Bush Poised to Prove His Doubters Wrong

The New Orleans Saints are the team I love and support like no other. It’s a statement of truth that I felt I should share with you before we go much further. It is a relationship that has led to a great deal of pain over the years and not a little joy as well. It also helps explain why I have a deep respect for one Mr Reggie Bush, a player who can get you off your seat in seconds flat.

Breaking the Large Group Into Smaller Groups During the Youth Football Tryouts – Part 2

I believe the more groups you have, the better the evaluation will be. The players will get more opportunities, hence a better evaluation. I will use a simple example of 40 players that will be broke down into four small groups of 10 each.

Randy Moss – A Short Biography

In this article we will look at the life and football career of Randy Moss, the star wide receiver of the New England Patriots. What follows is a biographical examination of this NFL star.

Is Jay Cutler the Answer For the Chicago Bears?

After 11 weeks of the NFL season, there are rumblings of discontent with Chicago fans over their former savior quarterback known as Jay Cutler. With another dismal game against a struggling Philadelphia Eagle team, there are some clear issues with Cutler and questions about where the organization is heading at the moment. The next two weeks are extremely crucial for Cutler, as he does not want to head into the off-season with question marks over his ability.

Impact of Losing DeSean Jackson

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson had to leave the game on Sunday against the Redskins due to a concussion. He is the second key player on the Eagles offense to sustain such an injury this year. Brian Westbrook received two this year and it is unknown if he’ll return again this year or ever play again. Concussions are a scary thing and something that has to be taken very seriously, especially with a player as young as Jackson. I’m sure the Eagles organization will monitor him very closely and not allow him to play unless he is truly ready. The question is how well can the Eagles offense perform without him?

Clock Management to Win Youth Football Games

Clock management can play a key role in your youth football teams success or failure. This does not mean 2 minute drills, we are talking about changing the complete game from the opening whistle to the final gun.

Your Youth Football Banquet

At the end of every season you want to tie things up with a great awards ceremony or banquet. How do you make it special for the kids and as well as making it a launching pad for next season?

Getting Rid of Time Wasters When Coaching Youth Football

Every minute you wast in youth football is time you never get back. Ever wonder why some teams execute well and others don’t? The great teams don’t waste time. Here is one simple trick:

Carolina Panthers History – Intriguing

The Carolina Panthers are a member of the South Division of the NFC. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the team serves as a representative to both North and South Carolina. Along with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Carolina Panthers history is short, as they became part of the NFL in 1995.

The Bobby Bowden Era is Up

For 34 years Florida State University head football coach Bobby Bowden has helped his team become one of the most storied college football programs of all time. During his tenure the Seminoles have won two national championships and 12 ACC (Atlantic Coastal Conference) titles. Bowden has…

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