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NFL Reviews Week 13

A review of NFL games week 13. Featuring Pittsburgh vs Baltimore.

An Overview of Professional Sports Pitch Construction

A well constructed sports pitch and a quality surface will enhance the standard of the game being played and the players’ performance. Non league through to professional clubs and their ground staff aim to provide the best sporting experience within their budgetary constraints.

Michigan State’s Spartans Staged Comebacks to Win 6 of Their 11 Games and Become Bowl Bound

When Michigan State beat Northwestern 35-27 this year to start the season with a perfect 8-0 record and rose to No. 5 in the AP Top 25 Poll, it marked the first time the Spartans had an 8-0 record since 1966, 44 years ago. After losing to Iowa, the Spartans beat Minnesota, Purdue and Penn State to finish at 11-1. They are now bowl bound. Get the full story.

The Team With the Most League Championships – The Green Bay Packers

One of the oldest teams in the NFL is the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers holds the record of having most league championships under their belt, 12 to be exact.

Texas Longhorns – A Team Filled With Tradition

There will be a lot to celebrate in the upcoming season for the Longhorns of Texas; this as a result means that the team is looking to make the most out of their opportunities that will be present in front of them this season. With the loss of Colt McCoy, Texas will be in search for a leader that can take the team by the horns and lead them on to victory game after game this season.

American Football – Simply Football

The most popular team sport, American football is often known as football in United States and gridiron outside. The game is played with an objective of advancing the ball towards the opposite team’s end zone by either carrying it or by throwing it to other teammate which is called running play or passing play respectively. When the time expires, the team with highest points is declared the winner.

Electric Football – Fun for Entire Family

The American football game played on the tabletop on a metal vibrating field for fun by all age groups is termed as electric football. This game was created by Tudor games in 1947 used a vibrating car race game made by Tudor in form of base for the entire technology on games. This game gained such high popularity and a big sale in market that more than 40 million sets of this game have been sold in market and every year new editions are launched and sold.

Why Use a Wrist Coach?

A wrist coach can be a great coaching tool and should be considered by all coaches who take play calling seriously. Wrist coaches help to make play calling more efficient and improves on-the-field and off-the field communications between coaches and players.

Questioning the Reasoning Behind Cam Newton’s Eligibility

Cam Newton was declared eligible to face South Carolina in the SEC title game. Is the reason for this greed by the NCAA? I will take an in-depth look into why I believe the NCAA made this decision.

Wrist Coach – Not Just for Football Anymore

The Wrist Coach has evolved into a vital play calling tool for top coaches and it is being used in multiple sports and is no longer regarded as just a “football” accessory anymore. More and more competitive teams and leagues are utilizing Wrist Coaches and have made them a key part of their coaching strategy.

Childress, Phillips Not The Main Problem

Let me start my first post with this statement: Wade Phillips and Brad Childress had to be fired. However, as I believe Chris Carter (may have been Keyshawn) pointed out on ESPN today, what does it say about a team when the players come out with a new energy after a midseason coaching change?

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