2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness Deep Snow Winter Test

Evolve and Involve, As the New Season Approaches!

Football has an all-time appeal to a huge number of people. Not to mention the new seasons bring new attraction to football lovers, starting from new games to the new styles of football shirts. Even if you are a fan of a certain team or league, your football shirt may change with the change of football season. The weather will, no doubt, have a great impact on your choice.

How to Watch NFL Football Games If You Don’t Live in the United States

Do you want to watch your favorite NFL teams online this season? Even if you don’t live in the US, you can subscribe to the NFL games and watch them streaming live with the NFL Game Pass. Get the details here.

Jay Cutler to Take Bears to Next Level?

The new Bears QB is about to take the Bears Offense to a level it has not been at before – or at least not in quite a while. What Jay Cutler gives the Bears is an Offense that may now in fact put fear in the heart of opposing Defenses. Instead of just keying on the running game, opponents will now have to respect the Bears passing game. Imagine, an NFL Offense that can run AND pass the ball!

Is Joe Namath the Most Overrated Quarterback Ever?

Joe Namath is in the pro football hall of fame and is often named among the sport’s legendary quarterbacks, but one look at his career achievements shows he was mediocre at best. Let’s take a closer look at how Broadway Joe ended up with this reputation he so clearly does not deserve.

2009 Baltimore Ravens NFL Picks Preview

The Baltimore Ravens have a lot to be excited about in 2009. If you have been browsing around the internet at NFL betting picks, you will see the Ravens are found among the contenders in the league. Most people believe that they are a playoff team and some consider them Super Bowl contenders. Is there anything to all of the hype? Let’s look at what the off-season brought the Baltimore Ravens.

Ranking the Top 5 Madden Cover Curses

By now even the most casual of pro football fans has heard of the Madden Cover Curse, the unexplainable coincidence that has seen the biggest stars of the NFL become riddled with bad luck in the season immediately following their appearance on the franchises cover… Number 5 Madden 2009 Cover: Brett Favre. Through many tears Brett Favre announced his retirement from the NFL in early 2008 shortly after leading the Packers to a heart breaking NFC Championship game loss.

College Division II Football – 5 Keys to Being Recruited

College Division II football offers some of the best competition in the country. Don’t let the title fool you, Division II football athletes are extremely athletic and have great talent and skill. These kids are often just a little exposure away from playing at the Division I level.

AAU Football – It’s Growing Every Year

AAU football is growing bigger and bigger each and every year. It is following in the foot steps of AAU basketball which has been the central focus of college basketball recruiting for many years. Football recruits are now using these tournaments are their primary avenue to get exposure college coaches.

Surviving the Football Off-Season

Tips on how to survive the football off-season. Find ways to stay current on football news stories by following football blogs.

Thoughts on Oakland Raiders 2009 Season

First and foremost JaMarcus Russell must come on strong. Out of the gate the Oakland Raiders play all three AFC West rivals. JaMarcus Russell better bring it against all of them. Game one is a home game for the Oakland Raiders and they must win. Unfortunately, Oakland has not won a game against the San Diego Chargers since September 2003. Ouch. The Oakland Raiders have one of the best running games in the league right now. If the Oakland running backs are used effectively this…

Football Recruiting Services – Are They Worth the Money?

Getting a spot on a college football roster is no easy feat, no matter what level of football you want to play at. There are also a ton of football recruiting services out there who say they can help you reach your goal of playing at the next level. The question is, are they worth the fees they charge?

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