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Installing the Jet Sweep

Installing the Jet Series into your offense, or as your offense, is much easier than you think. It is a series that can provide an advantage to any offense. Teams with superior skill players, inferior skill players, a great offensive line, a not-so-great offensive line–it does not matter. The Jet Series is for any offense that is willing to commit to it and spend the time installing it correctly.

AFL – A History of the Brisbane Lions Football Club

Brisbane Lions AFL Football Club originated in the year 1996 after the first ever merger in the history of Australian Football League, between Queensland’s Brisbane Bears and Victoria’s foundation club, the Fitzroy Lions. It has been one of the most successful clubs in the Australian Football League from 2000-2009 making it to the finals four times and clinching the premiership title thrice in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Will College Football in the State of North Carolina Ever Be Relevant?

Most folks around the country see North Carolina as a Basketball state anyway but I sense a change in attitude over the years. I feel that people at UNC and NC State would swap basketball for football in an instant if they thought there was a chance for big time success. Both schools seem to have a similar problem. It seems that new coaches hit a wall way too early for the liking of the fan base.

Installing the Jet Series: The Complimentary Plays

The first complimentary play off of the Jet Sweep is the second phase of the play, which is the FB running either the straight Dive or Trap or the Jet Ice, which is an off-tackle isolation play. With the Dive, the play begins with the same Jet motion, however, this time the QB will fake to the Jet back. Fakes in the Jet Series are many times “proximity” fakes meaning that the appearance of two players crossing paths is all that occurs to give the illusion of a fake.

Installing the Jet Series: More Complimentary Plays

Another addition to the Jet series is the Jet Toss. It is not much different than the I-back toss play. We begin with Jet motion and, on the Toss, we will allow the Jet back to get a little beyond the QB before snapping the ball. The motion and reverse pivot of the QB is enough deception on this play since there really is not any fooling anyone here. We are tossing the ball and trying to get to the edge quickly.

The Next Step for Football Training

Most high school football players are oblivious to the different types of training they should be doing. This article gives a general overview of a periodization model for high school football training. After reading this article, players will be able to modify their post-season training programs to utilize the time appropriately, setting them up for on field success at the start of the football season.

Dallas Cowboys Fans Can Express Their Pride In Many Ways

Rooting for one of the NFL’s best teams like the Dallas Cowboys with authentic fan gear on is a Cowboy fan’s dream. For the many Dallas Cowboy fans around the United States there’s no better way of showing their pride in their team than with authentic Dallas Cowboys merchandise.

Traditionally A College Feeling

It’s what we do to kick off the game; it’s what we do between quarters, at half time, on third down conversions, and when touchdowns are made; it’s what we do that makes us proud of our college and our team. It sets us apart from all others in our league and gives…

Trends In Offensive Football

Since the beginning of the game, ideas about offensive, or defensive and special teams, play have trickled down from the professional game to the college game and on down to the high school game. It seems that ideas from the college game have really played a big impact on the high school game. In the 1970s the success of the triple option run from the wishbone at schools like Alabama and Oklahoma or the veer circa Houston saw high school programs across the country attempt to mimic these schools’ offensive systems.

Texans on Track for 1st Round Bye

The Texans are on track to get a 1st round bye this year in the NFL playoffs. Their 2nd half schedule is much easier and should help them avoid another late year collapse.

Comparing Trent Green and Matt Cassel

Fans in KC loved Trent Green, but it’s time for Matt Cassel to get some of that same love. After all, Green had a much better supporting cast.

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