2022 NFL Draft Prospects: Midseason Report

The Under-Appreciated Wrecking Machine: Joe Klecko

With all of the great nicknames afforded to NFL players and their positions, the 1981 New York Jets Defensive Line fit the moniker the “New York Sack Exchange” perfectly. The four men of mayhem who combined for 66 total sacks in a single season were Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons, Mark Gastineau and Abdul Salaam. Klecko claimed 20.5 of those sacks alone, making him a fiercely imposing figure opposite any team’s offense.

The Myth, The Man, The Legend: Vince Lombardi

Would you believe that a man who never took a single snap in a NFL uniform would have the game’s most coveted trophy named after him? It isn’t just the trophy, and the Super Bowl victory that allows teams to possess it that make the name so powerful. Vince Lombardi did that on his own after finding his love for the game through coaching, instead of playing. History was made the minute the legend was born. He and his family just didn’t know it yet.

Doubtful NFL Lines on Week 13

Doubtful Football Lines Week 13 NFL Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers [+1, 46.5] It is very odd that most oddmakers still give love to the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers haven’t won a single game since the last week of September and to top it off, they had 3 consecutive losses in their previous games.

A Triumphant Takeaway: Laveranues Coles

Some NFL teams just cannot seem to tear themselves away from certain players, but try in vain throughout a series of breakups. Laveranues Coles is the Elizabeth Taylor to the New York Jets Richard Burton, and then some. Their love affair was tumultuous, and resulted in four stints of partnership throughout Coles’ decade long career. He has been a free agent since 2010, unassigned to any roster, in what can only be described as a possible waiting period for the codependent relationship he and the New York Jets engage in to reignite its flame.

No Man Is An Island, Including Darrelle Revis

When Darrelle Revis first pulled his green and white, #24 jersey over his shoulders to suit up for the New York Jets in 2007, he had no idea what he was in for. A four win season was far from what the talented cornerback had experienced to date in his career. On the other side of the coin, his highly touted defensive abilities, and accommodating confident swagger were expected to garner more than three inceptions from his defensive back position. His stats were promising for a rookie, but the fanfare of his arrival left everyone wondering until the following season. Life in the NFL swings like a pendulum, and Darrelle had only seen the beginning of what this tremendously demanding landscape was capable of.

An NFL Casualty Of Expectations: Vinny Testaverde

It isn’t often that people speak of NFL players with any semblance of respect when they have thrown almost as many interceptions as they have touchdowns over their tenure in the league. In this case, with the staggering statistic of 275 touchdowns to 267 interceptions, Vinny Testaverde defies logic. In fact, over his 21 year career in the NFL, he did exactly that with seven different teams. If you count his roster assignments in two separate terms with the New York Jets, he changed teams eight times total over his insane quarterbacking career.

A Legend On The Field, And The Sidelines: Mike Ditka

NFL analysts and sports commentators are often given a lot of grief for their rhetoric from the professional football community for one of two things: Never having played in the NFL, or never coaching an NFL team. When it comes to one current ESPN analyst, neither is the case. Mike Ditka brings a competent, confident, stubborn and steadfast personality to the set of the Sunday and Monday Night Countdown desk on the Disney-owned network. His fast talking, matter of fact style leaves everyone wondering why this guy isn’t still roaming the sidelines, leading teams to championships just like in the days of old! When it comes to football intelligence and comprehension, Mike Ditka may not have written the entire book, but he certainly contributed some very important chapters to its existence.

The Ironman Of The NFL: Brett Favre

The NFL provides the world and the United States in particular, with so much entertainment value that people actually become depressed when the season ends. Fans call it the February blues, noting that once the Super Bowl is over, there isn’t any more football to be had for what seems like forever. Fans watch college players ascend the ranks of the professional stage with great fervor and tenacity. Some college players become the exact superstar NFL talents fans had hoped for. When they are lucky, fans get to a witness a small town kid get drafted in the mid-second round of the NFL Draft, and go on to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Brett Lorenzo Favre is that kid.

49er Gold: Kaepernick Leads 49ers to Route of Bears

Tonight’s contest involved two NFC leading teams with two backups making their first starts ever for their current teams. One of those backups, Jason Campbell, the former first round draft pick of the Washington Redskins, had started over 60 games during his NFL career, and the other backup, Colin Kaepernick, the former Nevada Wolfpack star and second round draft pick of the 49ers in 2011, had made exactly zero starts in his NFL career. With Campbell being an experienced journeyman and regular starter as recently as last season, it was Kaepernick who most people thought might be shaky.

The Story of Argentine International Football, 1901 to 1986

Waves of British immigrants introduced football to Argentina in the late nineteenth century. The game immediately caught on, and a domestic football league was established in 1891, the third in the world. Argentina didn’t play its first international match until a decade later though, when it beat neighbours Uruguay 3-2.

Rob Gronkowski Injury Ripple Effect

New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski suffered an injury during an extra point in Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Pro Bowl tight end’s injury has an effect on more than just the Patriots.

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