2022 Ford Maverick FX4 with BFG Trail-Terrains Off-Road Adventure

ASU’s Jaelen Strong Vs Derek Hagan: Putting the Sun Devil Receivers Side-By-Side

On August 9, 2013, JC transfer wide receiver Jaelen Strong became academically eligible to play football in the upcoming season at ASU. Game #1 would kick off in less than 30 days and Strong, who had high marks from recruiting services, was expected to come in and immediately contribute. Strong was admittedly not in the best shape since he had yet to work with ASU’s Strength & Conditioning Coach, Shawn Griswold.

How To Travel-In and Enjoy Your Lambeau Experience

The following is a guide for traveling in and enjoying your Lambeau Field experience. 1) Reserve a Hotel Room: The first step in the planning process is knowing what game you want to go to. Regardless of what game interests you most, you need to be prepared to book a weekend stay at a hotel months in advance.

What Are Packers?

The Indiana Hoosiers and Oklahoma Sooners can definitely join the Green Bay Packers in the category of strange team nicknames. I’ve heard it my whole life…

How to Analyze a Draft Prospect

Evaluating NFL draft prospects is a tough and arduous task for team personnel. Evaluation criterion has many facets that lead to determining the best of the best prospects.

Chicago Bears 2014 NFL Draft Needs

The Chicago Bears were one game away from the play-offs last year. A well researched and good 2014 draft could help put them in the play-offs next year.

David Moyes Could Have Avoided the Axe

There can be few worse jobs or more publicly humiliating ones than that of a football manager. Lauded on your arrival and most often, at least by the media, cheered on your departure. So how can you make the job easier? The stresses less? Foster understanding between you, your players and the all-powerful board?

Was Football’s Deacon Jones an Ethical Defensive End?

Though football player Deacon Jones thrived on intimidation, he was an ethical NFL defensive end. Deacon sought to strike fear in the quarterback’s eyes, but he was ethical in his approach to doing this.

A College Football Recruiting Journey – The 360 Evaluation: Character

Early on when wanting to know what it took for my son to play college football, I browsed the Internet into late nights, read lots of books and asked many questions. I always got a variation of responses and I soaked it ALL in, because what did I know? I was just this crazy Mom that loved football and wanted nothing but the best for her son… along with thousands of other parents out there, but one thing I did know is that I had a son that wanted this more than I did!

A College Football Recruiting Journey – Measuring Your Athlete’s Measurables

Recently my son participated in his first ever combine. A combine is where you can obtain your measurables. They include, the 40-yard dash, agility (short shuttle), 3-cone drill (L-Cone drill), bench press or power ball (Used at Nike SPARQ Combines), and the vertical.

A College Football Recruiting Journey – The Rules of Engagement

Now that the combine season is coming to an end, our next game plan for my son’s college football recruiting path is to research a few NCAA College Recruiting Rules. It seems that every combine or showcase that we attend, there is a coach or representative from some sort of recruiting service. They give us a hand out that breaks down specifications or measureables that D1 schools look for in college recruits.

What Needs to Be Changed Around Manchester United

Yes people it is the truth. A fact. A problem that we all don’t want to accept but we have to because enough is enough.

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