2022 Ford Maverick FX4 Deep Snow and Ice Winter Test

Chelsea FC Tickets

Want to watch the Chelsea Football Club playing its 95th competitive season in 2009-10? Book your tickets without any further thought! With the constantly increasing fan-following, the demand for Chelsea FC tickets is always higher that its supply.

The Favorite Receivers of Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino

Dan Marino was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League. Here is a look at who his favorite receivers were during his career.

Was the Immaculate Reception Really the Best Ever?

So what was truly the greatest catch in NFL history? Was it Franco Harris’s “Immaculate Reception”? Was it Dwight Clark’s “The Catch” in the end zone? Here is my take why the Immaculate Reception was indeed the greatest catch in football history.

The NFL Season 2010

The last 17 weeks of football have been exciting, vigorous and full of entertainment. Now, we are ready to march on into what is known as the grand daddy of sports entertainment. The NFL playoffs. This 2010, the NFL playoffs are sure to be full of action and surprises. Hearts will beat faster than the sound of drums and happiness will be screamed off on the top of every supporter’s voice.

Felix Jones

One of the most recognized and controversial name in the field of American football is Felix Jones. He has been one of the pioneers in defensive and offensive tactics which have made rosters seek him as one of the most potential stars in NFL history. Born on 8 May 1987, Felix Jones took up studying at Tulsa, Oklahoma where he later went on to pursue high school at Booker T Washington HS.

Eagles Vs Cowboys

In the history of sports entertainment, there has been only one rivalry in American football that has caught the minds of millions across the nation. It starts with the Dallas Cowboys contributing their best on the field to take on the long term rivals the Philadelphia Eagles in a bid to walk away with winning streak that they have held on with much pride. This 2010 season of the NFL is guaranteed to be a head spin when the Eagles and the Cowboys faced each other with the sole intention of reaching the Super Bowl.

Donovan Mcnabb

Born on 25 November 1976 at Illinois, Chicago, there was one boy who dreamed of making it big and preaching International stardom. He completed his studies from Syracuse University and went on to receive accolades in a game that he truly aspired to affect.

Dallas Cowboys – Who Are They?

Started back in 1960 as one of the pioneers in American football, the Dallas Cowboys have managed to create sensational victories which have been accredited to their name and have laid the foundation for records which still great have failed to be broken. For the last hundred and 60 games, one of the chief records that the Dallas Cowboys have managed to maintain is a sold out arena at every of their home as well as away games. Their winning streak started almost 20 years ago when they became the most powerful football Association in the United States and were featured for their victory on the sports franchise of the Forbes magazine.

Shayne Graham

When one speaks of American football and all the victories that are accompanied with it, there is only one team that speaks a value which is beyond compare. Cincinnati Bengals and their complete line-up of international superstars have led them to victory in numerous super Bowls including some of the greatest all-American play-offs of the season. The Cincinnati Bengals, there is only player that has managed to take the team up to a standard which is beyond compare. This player has won numerous accolades across his career and has been termed as the next generation in sports entertainment.

BCS Strikes Again – Time For NCAA Football Playoffs

I think it is fair to say that America as a whole love playoffs and we love the exciting thrill of do or die games. We love March Madness for that reason. We love the NFL Playoffs for that reason.

Why Larry Fitzgerald is the Best Wide Receiver

There are many good wide receivers in the NFL, but Larry Fitzgerald is the best. He does so many things on the field that are better than the rest.

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