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Interesting Facts About Olympic Athletes

“Interesting Facts About Olympic Athletes” speaks about sportsmen and sportswomen. Who is Anthony Conrad Nesty? There are refreshing surprises…

Olympics Games – Football

This speaks about football at the Olympic Games. Here are some more interesting facts about football…


“Facts About Olympic Games” speaks about he modern Olympics. Do you like Olympic Games? How much do you know about Olympics Games? There are refreshing surprises…

Fun Facts About Olympic Games

“Fun Facts About Olympics Games” speaks about Olympic Games in the 20th and 21st centuries. Here are some more interesting facts about Olympic Games.

Qualification Path for Fencing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

Athletes are competing for a limited number of slots at the 2008 Olympic Fencing competition. This primer covers how athletes are chosen to compete at the 2008 Beijing fencing events. There are team and individual events to qualify for, weighted by world region.

How to Have a Complete Set of Atlanta Olympics Memorabilia

There are a lot of reasons why Atlanta Olympics proved to be one of the most memorable, not to mention controversial, events ever in Olympic history. Firstly, a number of people felt that Athens should have been awarded the right to host the Olympics because it was in their city that the modern phase of the event was born exactly one hundred years ago. The privilege nevertheless went to Atlanta in the end, and the city was able to raise as much as $1.8B from private funding and sales alone for the Olympics.

Olympic Games And Olympic Truce

Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 will succeed the Athens Olympic Games. We all hope that next year, in the biggest country that has ever hosted these games, Olympic spirit will be promoted, people will be united and Olympic Truce will become again, after 2000 years, a reality!

Sport And Third World – Cuba And Laos

“Sport and Third World:Cuba and Laos” is a comparative analysis of the sporting system in the Third World Socialist regimes as Cuba and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Cuba – Olympic Sport And Dictatorship

To be frank this essay is a story about Olympic sport under the dictatorship of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. Under his dictatorial leadership, sports play an important part in the life of the Cuban Revolution since 1962.

USA Basketball Team For 2008 Olympics

Finally after a lot of deliberation, the list of candidates for the USA basketball team for the 2008 Olympics was announced. Hopefully, this basketball team is all set to redeem itself after the poor show at the 2004 Olympics when USA won the bronze medal.

Olympics Themed Sports Party for the Family

In the summertime an Olympics themed party can be just the ticket to get your family active and moving rather than sitting in front of the television all day. You can use the idea of a party to get everyone interested and the Olympics theme to get everyone involved in some fun active sports. You can even set up a buffet table for in between the sports so the family can refresh themselves.

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