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Two Weeks to an Olympic-Sized World

The global audience for the Beijing Olympic Games was good for the world society and for its economy. Corporate sponsors of the Olympics are among the greatest beneficiaries.

Winning and Losing With Olympic Aplomb

Winners at the Olympics get all the global attention but losers continue to excel in their sport between quadrennial events. Becoming one of the best three athletes in a country teaches athletes the art of losing well in order to keep going toward the Olympic level.

Interesting Facts About Olympic Sports-Baseball

Cuba-traditionally the powerhouse in baseball- were beaten by the Dominican Republic at the 1982 Central American and Caribbean Games in Havana, Cuba. The Dominican Republic won the gold medal. The champions were Victor Mercedes, Orlando Guerrero, Enrique Cruz, Johnny Olivo, Julio Dominguez, Mario Marte, Pedro Gomez, Ivan Crispin, Wilfredo Fernandez…

Going For the Gold – The 2008 Olympic Games IPv6 Use Scores China a Perfect “10.0”

As the 2008 Olympic Games are broadcast around the world, one little known Olympic feat wasn’t performed by any athlete, but by the China’s Next Generation Internet project (CNGI). CNGI launched a cornucopia of fixed and mobile broadband technologies over the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) to demonstrate China’s technology advancement to the world. With government mandates and subsidies supporting IPv6 transition in China, South Korea, and Japan, as well as skyrocketing Internet use in those regions, the question is will China and the rest of Asia leapfrog America and Europe in advanced communication technologies.

Olympic Messages to America in Its 2008 Election Year

The quadrennial Olympics are a snapshot of the world. America’s image in the global athletic pool may provide food for thought in making decisions about the 2008 American presidential elections.

Should Olympic Athletes Wear Bikinis?

Many folks watching the Beijing Olympics are wondering who picks out the outfits and sportswear for the various teams competing. For instance, the girls U.S. volleyball team wear bikinis for the beach volleyball. This perhaps makes sense since they are competing in beach volleyball on the sand. However, if you watch closely you can see that the athletes are constantly adjusting their bikinis during the competition between plays.

Interesting Facts About Olympic Champions – Rafael “Superman” Nadal

Rafael Nadal (Spain) won the men’s tennis singles gold medal at the Beijing Olympiad. He destroyed Fernando Gonzalez (Chile) in the finals, 6-3,7-6, 6-3.When the Beijing Olympic Games opened in August 2008, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer (Switzerland) were the contending odd-on favorites.However, Federer was eliminated by James Riley Blake(United States).Winning the Olympic title and reaching the world number-one ranking in singles, Rafael has have a good year in 2008.

Mascots and the Olympics

The first Olympic mascot was introduced in 1972 at the Munich games. These mascots have become a very important element of the Olympics. It is an image that is unique and very popular because it materializes the spirit of the Olympics, promotes the history, and communicates the overall concept. This makes the Olympic mascot a must when it comes to the games.

BMX and the Olympic Games

The BMX bike has enjoyed a remarkable rise to fame. Thought to have originated in southern California nearly 40 years ago and now taking its place across the world in China’s hosting of the Olympic Games is nothing short of astonishing. BMX or bicycle motocross to give its full name has become an Olympic sport for the first time in 2008.

Who’s the Best Olympian Ever – Michael Phelps Or Usain Bolt?

As a disclaimer, this author is Jamaican-born and a naturalized U.S. citizen. I’ll endeavor to be objective, what the heck, let the games begin…. As I typed this essay, Usain Bolt is yet to run the 100 M relay race. I’m sure he’ll garner another gold medal unless, of course, he is struck by a bolt of lightening before he lace his golden mercurial shoes on his winged feet.

The Olympic Flame Beyond the Two-Week Strobes

The Olympic games speak more forcefully for the justice of bettering the world than any organization created specifically for that purpose. A global network brings the athletes of the world’s little countries to the point of readiness for center stage regardless of realistic expectations for medaling.

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