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Fishing To Be Added As Winter Olympic Event In 2010

Overlooked for the twentieth time, the world readies itself for the games of the XXIst Olympiad-when fishing is finally added as an Olympic event. Here are the details

Practice Makes Perfect – What We Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes know that perfection is achieved only through constant practice. They also know that their success depends as much on mental strength as it does physical skill. Use their example to spur you to achieve greater success and happiness.

More Than Double Standard for Winter Olympics Athletes

We are fed a daily diet of indiscretions and inappropriate behavior including felonies committed by both professional and college athletes. But now, we have a World Champion athlete, he mentions that he goes out and downs a few cool ones after his ski races and we are supposed to be shocked and outraged.

Follow the Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic flame is one of the most important symbols of the Olympic Games. You can follow flameโ€™s journey from Olympia to the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. Along the way you can learn about Olympic history, geography, and mapping skills.

2006 Trends in Winter Olympics High Tech Equipment

In 2005 material scientists, wind tunnel researchers and the top human athletes around the world got together to better their teams in the ultimate contests of human will, strength of character and state-of-the-art equipment; The Olympic Games.

Olympic Track Training

For the Olympic Track and Field Competition the United States always faces challenges from other very competitive nations. Track and Field in Olympic History mean a lot for the United States and they show a sign of strength and honor of the individual.

Bruce Maguire Versus Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG)

A summary of the seminal case relating to Inaccessible Websites and Disability Discrimination Legislation. In June 1999 Bruce Maguire lodged a complaint with the Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission under the Australian Disability Discrimination Act. His complaint was that he was being discriminated against because he could not access the contents of the Olympic Games website. He won the case, but the Olympic Committee did not make the required changes, and subsequently he was awarded $20,000 dollars in compensation.

Softball: Olympic Sport No Longer?

Softball has been around since a man named George Hancock first invented the game in 1887 in Chicago …

Summer Olympics 2008 Cities

The cities of Beijing and Qingdao will be hosts to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Get to know these 2 cities.

Gymnastics Olympic Champions From 1988-2004

A brief bio of the Gymnastics Olympic Champions From 1988-2004

2004 Olympics and Yachting in Greece

Everybody knows that the Olympic Games are due to be held in Athens in 2004. Apart from the accepted consequences, positive and negative, for the city of Athens and Greece in general this sporting e…

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