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The Olympic Games – A Brief (And Bizarre) History

The modern day Olympic games are a world-wide sensation second to none, thanks in no small part to the constant parade of scams and deceit. But see the bigger picture, through the eyes of its obscure and humorous past, and you will see that not much has changed.

When to Wear Your Olympic Medal

Olympians should be proud of their medals. It can be confusing to a new medal winner as to when he or she should wear the medals won. Here are my guidelines.

Your Bad Olympic Experience

Are you having an enjoyable experience with the Winter Olympics? I’m glad for you, but what about curling and ice dancing? Why we should have more medals.

Winter Olympics TV Coverage Far From Golden

Sports fans are not averse to watching Winter Olympics coverage, but trying to figure out NBC’s television schedule has become a sport of Olympic proportions unto itself.

Winter Olympics: Ice Skating Pointers

Midori Ito in 1989 was the first woman to land a triple axel in a major ice skating championship (the Worlds). So what are triple jumps and what is a triple axel? Will Sasha Cohen land a quadruple in the Torino Winter Olympics? Hints on watching women’s ice skating.

Aamodt and Kostelic Made Marks on Olympic History

Kjetil Andre Aamodt and Janica Kostelic made a mark on Olympic history on February 19th, setting records in Sestriere and San Sicario Fraiteve. Aamodt achieved his gold medal in the Alpine Super G, the veteran from Norway now has a total of eight Olympic medals, four gold, two silver and two bronze. Janica Kostelic is the first female Alpine skier to achieve four gold medals at the Olympic Winter Games.

Winter Olympics is More About Spectacular Crashes Than the Actual Events

Over the past few days I have eagerly been watching the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy, but it is not the sport that I have been looking forward to… it is the monstorous crashes.

Fishing To Be Added As Winter Olympic Event In 2010

Overlooked for the twentieth time, the world readies itself for the games of the XXIst Olympiad-when fishing is finally added as an Olympic event. Here are the details

Practice Makes Perfect – What We Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes know that perfection is achieved only through constant practice. They also know that their success depends as much on mental strength as it does physical skill. Use their example to spur you to achieve greater success and happiness.

More Than Double Standard for Winter Olympics Athletes

We are fed a daily diet of indiscretions and inappropriate behavior including felonies committed by both professional and college athletes. But now, we have a World Champion athlete, he mentions that he goes out and downs a few cool ones after his ski races and we are supposed to be shocked and outraged.

Follow the Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic flame is one of the most important symbols of the Olympic Games. You can follow flame’s journey from Olympia to the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. Along the way you can learn about Olympic history, geography, and mapping skills.

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