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How David Beats Goliath In Youth Football Games

Does the biggest and most athletic teams always win in youth football? Absolutely not, David does beat Goliath if you know how.

The Devil Is in the Details in Youth Football – Winning National Championships in Youth Football

How do the same coaches year in and year out vie for or win National Championships in youth football? It isn’t about scheme or having the best players, it is about sweating the details. What details?

NFL Football: Raji Is Latest Player Who Feels Compelled to Celebrate on Way to End Zone

For some reason, football players on the way to the end zone can’t seem to resist the temptation to make celebratory gestures before they cross the goal line. The latest bush league moment came in the NFC Championship game, when Green Bay’s B.J. Raji got very lucky that he didn’t blow a touchdown. I can think of one former Green Bay coach who would have made him pay dearly.

How Does Weather Impact NFL Games? 18 Factors Which Need To Be Considered

NFL games, college football games and high school football games can all be impacted by severe weather. There are some facts and some fiction about how cold weather impacts football games. This articles addresses some of the areas which need to be more carefully researched and understood by owners, athletic directors, coaches and players.

Gain Weight For Football – Pack On Muscle To Become Unstoppable

Have you ever seen guys that don’t have the skills that you have but seem to get the attention of the scouts and coaches nonetheless just ‘cos they’re a hulk on the field? Imagine what YOU could do if you could just bulk up and gain weight for football. Well, here I’m going to show you how…

NFL Football – Fox’s Hiring Means A Change In Style For The Broncos

The hiring of John Fox as head coach of the Denver Broncos was surprising to many, and not just because he had just been fired from his job with Carolina. Fox’s arrival also means the team is liable to change its style. Expect a more hard-nosed approach in the Mile High City.

Pro Football – Will The Rivera Regime Spell More Offense For The Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers are looking to regroup from a nightmarish 2010 season in which they produced almost no offense. The solution was to hire a defensive coordinator, Ron Rivera, to replace the fired John Fox. It remains to be seen what approach the new staff will take on offense.

The Future of the KC Chief’s Offense

After a disappointing loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Kansas City Chiefs are no longer dreaming of the Super Bowl for this year. Yet as any die-hard Chief fan is ready to say, there’s always next year! To improve their chances for next year’s ultimate title, the KC Chiefs will need to improve their offense by making a decision on who will replace Charlie Weis.

Football Jump Training – Tips on How You Can Increase Your Jump Vertically

If you are starting out your career in football, then it is time for you to start reading football jump training manuals and start doing hard work in increasing your vertical jumping. This is very important because you gain the advantage among others if you can jump really high because you increase your chances in avoiding hard tackles and hit touch down.

Recruiting for Football Tips: The Redshirt, Greenshirt, and Grayshirt in College Programs

High school football players who want to play the game in college are often confronted with unfamiliar terms when they become involved in the college football recruiting process. In particular, they’ll often hear of the “redshirt,” as well as the “grayshirt” and “greenshirt” – terms that refer to player recruiting and player development strategies used by many colleges in recruiting for football.

Higher Jump Training – Best Vertical Leap Workout for Fast Results

Do you really want to know how to jump high? Well the answer is simple. You can do higher jump training or follow these vertical leap workouts. This type of training will not give you instant results but can help you achieve to have high jump if you do it consistently and positively. You can possibly gain from 8 to 10 inches more if you dedicate yourself and focus to really have good results.

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