1000 IQ Plays in Football

AFL Football

AFL footy is unique, and for an outsider, it makes one wonder why Australians take their sport so seriously. How does AFL impact Australian culture, and how is Aussie culture displayed through sports?

Why America Loves the Pittsburgh Steelers

All across this great nation of ours, form the smallest rural farm towns to the sprawling mega metropolises, one would be hard-pressed to find any community without a contingent of fans of the black and gold. The Pittsburgh Steelers are arguably ones of America’s most beloved sports franchises. They may even be at the top of that list. And for those who do not wave the terrible towel, they may not understand why. But, if you really think about it, the answer isn’t very hard to figure out.

Super Bowl Preview

This will be the first Super Bowl with both starting quarterbacks having beards. Abraham Lincoln would be proud. With the game in Jerry Jones’ climate controlled palace weather will not be a factor.

Jay Cutler Is Guilty – Of Being a Complex Human Being

It’s been a rough week for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Not only did his season come to an abrupt end this past Sunday when he was knocked out of the NFC championship game, but his team was ultimately knocked out of the Super Bowl. On top of that the criticism he received from all quarters for not playing on his injured knee was fast, furious and started before the game was over thanks to social media.

Why Should You Visit Wembley Stadium?

While the answer to this question may seem obvious, there is more than just one reason why you should visit Wembley stadium. While the football will always be the ‘main attraction’ of 90,000 fans, there are still plenty of other reasons why you should visit Wembley stadium. In this guide, we will explore these reasons, and take a look at what exactly Wembley has to offer.

The History of Wembley Stadium

The history of Wembley stadium is one that will remain close to the heart of proud English men and women for thousands of years. Wembley has played host to hundreds of legendary sporting events over the years, and the new Wembley will do so for years to come. In this guide, we will explore just a small section of the history of one of the most historic monuments in the world.

Why Have A Pro-Bowl?

The 2011 Football Pro-Bowl ended in a thrilling 55 – 41 NFC victory. It was thrilling because, arguably the worse Pro – Bowl football performance in history had finally ended. How could a game, played by so many Superstars, be so awful? The answer is quite simple actually, and should be sufficient enough for the football powers to quietly abandon this yearly farce.

The Ultimate Protection

A left tackle is the key protector of the quarterback, protecting his blind side from the oncoming defense. In our daily walk of life, some walks more extensive than others, our “blind sides” are protected as well.

Super Bowl XLV: Psychology Favors The Pittsburgh Steelers

This year’s Super Bowl looks like a great contest. However, psychological and mathematical research seem to favor The Pittsburgh Steelers even though the oddsmakers have them as the underdogs. Why Pittsburgh can win and what they need to do to win. Find out….

What Next for Newport County?

No wins in 2011, knocked out of the FA Trophy and the loss of the most successful management team in recent history…Fans of Newport County may well have thought that the bubble was never going to burst – however, the continuation of such success and good fortune in their inaugural Conference Premier season was never going to last. After bursting out of the Conference South with an historic record, it initially came as a surprise that Newport maintained such an impressive record in a superior division; marching on and being seemingly un-fazed by mostly full-time opposition and clubs with much bigger bank accounts.

Satellite TV Helps Football Fans Enjoy the Super Bowl

The biggest athletic event of the year, the Super Bowl, is just around the corner, and since this big match up between the two best football teams in America only happens once every year, it’s quite a big deal. Sports fans all over the country get together with their best buddies to watch the game and root for their favorite team, but in order to really enjoy the big event, fans have to make sure they’ve got the proper set up in their home. It’s important to have a big, flat screen TV, satellite TV service, comfortable furniture and the best snacks. By staying in and watching the game at a friend’s house instead of going to a bar, everyone has greater control over their viewing experience so they can enjoy it more.

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