Youth Football – Getting Your Youth Football Teams to Compete With the “Compete” Drill

Having a tough time waking a up a team and getting their competitive juices flowing? Use the “Compete” drill detailed here.

Youth Football Parents Say the Darndest Things

Sometimes youth football parents say the darndest and in some cases the most revealing things. We pay to have all of our games filmed by a professional videographer. We do a year end video for each player, we add interesting and amusing text comments and set the entire video to contemporary Christian music.

Youth Football – How Sportsmanship Makes a Youth Football Game For the Players

How does sportsmanship effect your players youth football experience? It is huge.

The Five Steps to Learning (American) Football

For the beginner, learning football can be intimidating. Maybe you’ve been trying to learn football, got frustrated and have given up. Or maybe you’ve never even seen a game in your life, but want to give it a shot. In either case, you can do it! You can learn football!

Michigan State and Javon Ringer Deliver a Rush to Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish, 23-7

When you are a 5-foot-9, 202-pound running back and you can squat 620 pounds in a dead lift, you have great strength and balance in your legs to keep moving when a huge defensive lineman, linebacker or safety tries to tackle you. Let me introduce you to Javon Ringer, Michigan State’s star running back.

Aaron Rodgers – Can He Fill in Favre’s Big Shoes?

Perhaps Aaron Rodgers (filling for traded Brett Favre) and Matt Cassel (filling in for injured Tom Brady) should have an afternoon coffee together and share season war stories on how they carried a load of responsibility on their backs for the 2008-2009 campaign. Aaron Rodgers complemented a few things Brett Favre (on the odd occasion) did in his final few years in Green Bay on Monday night, rushing for first downs and pushing into the end zone on a quarterback sneak to embrace a 24-19 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Given all the stage …

Carolina Panthers Vs Chicago Bears

We look at it this way from a fan point of view… It is about risen above misfortune, having faith that the guy next to you is going to be doing his job and you being responsible by doing your job and having conviction that it is going to happen, having tolerance, because you know that sometimes you make errors and there are ups and downs through the game, that there’s this tide and flow going on.

College Football – 14 Teams Suffer Their First Defeat – Auburn, East Carolina and Oregon All Lose

College football’s 4th week was a replica of last week as once again only 16 of the 21 AP Top 25 teams won, with 5 of the 16 winners having real difficulty doing so, and another 14 teams saw their unbeaten record broken with their first loss of the season. Find out which 3 teams dropped out of AP’s Top 25 and who replaced them.

2008 Nebraska Analysis

Last week a friend mentioned to me, have you heard anything about Nebraska football? Living in North Carolina, it is extremely difficult to obtain an opinion or analyze any teams outside the ACC and SEC. Let me preface my analysis by saying that I believe that Nebraska fans are one of the top three fanbases in the country, if not number one.

Football From a Referee’s Eyes in the Official’s World

Football from a referee’s point of view. From the pre-game all the way up to after the game.

Best Out of One Hundred Eleven

The all-time series between the Cleveland Franchise and the Pittsburgh Steelers is tied, knotted if you will, at 55-55. The Steelers have won nine in a row and 15 of 16 against their brown and orange clad division rivals, who took a break between 96-99 to leave for Baltimore and win a Super Bowl, before reappearing with Tim Couch as the team’s QB for the ’99-00 season.

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