10 BEST sprint finishes in BMX racing! 🚴

Olympic Bobsledding – 1-1000th Of A Second From Winning Or Losing

Hurtle down an icy chute at breakneck speed. Hit high G forces in the turns. All this in a fiberglass bullet. Enjoy.

London Gears Up For The 2012 Olympics

Out of the original nine cities who submitted bids to host the 2012 Olympics the list was whittled down to five in 2004, with London joining Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris in the final stage of selection. After preliminary evaluations of the five cities, Paris emerged as the strong favourite in many people’s eyes (mostly due to this bid being the city’s third in recent history), with London following close behind. Over the next few months, London closed the gap on Paris significantly; so much so in fact that many people predicted a tie between London and Paris for …

Games in Beijing – China 2008 West Vs East

Could the clash of West meets East result in a “Macaca moment? This year, the entire world will look towards Asia with the celebration of the first ever Olympic Games in the People’s Republic of China. The Beijing Games will be a unique opportunity to bring Olympic education and values to the youth of China and the entire Asian continent.

Olympic Facts – Female Athletes

Is Hassiba Boulmerka one of the greatest Arab female athletes of all time? How many gold medals did Francina “Fanny” Elsje Blankers-Koen win at the 1948 Olympics? Who won the FIBA World Championship in 1957? Who is Gabriela Perez del Solar Cuculiza? Who carried the Iranian flag in the Atlanta opening ceremony?

Interesting Facts About Olympic Countries – Australia

Why is Catherine “Cathy” Salome Freeman an iconic figure in sports? Who is Benjamin Hardy? How many gold medals did Australian swimmer Dawn Frasser at the Olympic Games? Who was the first Australian sportsperson to win an Olympic medal? What city hosted the 1956 Summer Olympic Games?

Unknown Facts About Olympic Nations

How many gold medals did New Zealand win in the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games? How many athletes did Mauritania send for the 1984 Summer Olympics? Who was the flag bearer for Guinea-Bissau in Atlanta 1996 Olympics? Who is the best sports people of Grenada? Who is the greatest Barbadian athlete of the 21st century?

Interesting Facts About Olympic Champions

Who is Nadia Comaneci? How many medals did African swimmer Kirsty Coventry win at Athens 2004? Who are the most popular volleyball players in Brazil and why? Jefferson Perez Quezada became the first Ecuadorian athlete to win a medal at the Summer Olympics. In what sport did he win a gold medal?

Interesting Facts About Olympic Countries – Canada

Who is the most popular sports icon in Canada? Which Canadian athlete was known as the “Rocket”? Who was the first Canadian sportsperson to win an Olympic medal? The Winter Olympics in 1910 will be held in which Canadian city? Who is Bruny Surin? How many winter Olympic medals has Canada won?

Archery at the Olympics

Most of us know very little about archery competition, especially as it is done in the Olympics. Hopefully, this article will provide enough information to provide a more enjoyable experience while watching archery at the upcoming 2008 summer Olympics.

Leaders to Boycott Opening Ceremony

With the recent flare up of violence in Tibet, many world leaders are contemplating not attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing. This is a direct result of China’s poor human rights record, and the human rights abuses that are continuing in Tibet. During the ceremonial torch relay, there were violent scuffles with protesters in London and Paris.

The Olympic Torch’s Flame Loses It’s Shine

If the latest scenes from Britain are anything to go by the latest Olympic torch relay is in for a rough time. I remember the first time I saw the Olympic torch.

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