🥊 🇨🇺 Julio César La Cruz takes the Olympic title! 🥇

Chuck Noll and Vince Lombardi Became Champions With Teams That Were Tough and Fundamentally Sound

Chuck Noll and Vince Lombardi were two of the greatest coaches in NFL history. While they were different in many ways, their objectives were the same.

How to Get on TV at the Game, And Be the Stars of the Tailgating Lots

In this article, I’ll teach you how to be the star of the show by coordinating your group to spell out words and phrases on your shirts. This hilarious tailgating hack will be sure to get you on TV, or at the very least… on the big screen at the game. I’ll explain the art of the anagram, and how to coordinate your group to spell the maximum amount of words with the fewest people and letters.

Why Professional Football Should Be Banned From Network TV

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that professional sports being shown on network TV, football in particular, have absolutely no redeeming value and do not provide any benefit to anybody. Even though they are loosely defined as entertainment, there is nothing entertaining about watching football on television and therefore, it should be banned from network TV. There is much more quality programming that could easily take up the slots that are wasted by professional sport programming. For example, there are many great programs on PBS that are not only educational, many of them also raise money for worthy causes. The only thing advertising on football programming does is perpetuate the unhealthy lifestyles that are destroying American families and American Youth both mentally and physically. The only thing that is worse than sports programming is “reality TV,” which is rarely based on anything real. Please, take a stand, and when NFL football comes to a TV screen near year, turn it off and do something fun and educational with your family. Someday they will thank you for it.

No Wonder Marcus Mariota Is Not Interested in Winning The Heisman Trophy

Winning the Heisman trophy may not be all it’s cut out to be. It appears that most quarterbacks long term prospects are better without it.

Is There Ever a Time When a Loss Doesn’t Count?

Coaches may downplay a loss, but is there ever a time when a loss doesn’t count? We look at the 2014 Sugar bowl where Oklahoma defeated Alabama, and how Alabama coach Nick Saban down played the loss.

Newcastle United Await Interesting Season As Mike Ashley Gets His Wallet Out

As Newcastle owner Mike Ashley finally takes out his wallet to spend big, we take a look on how the Magpies will feature in the 2014-15 EPL season. Can Newcastle finally push above their weight after a disappointing season?

The Seminoles Prediction – 2014

Prediction on why the FSU Seminoles will be back-to-back National Champions. Key points on why they will be successful.

Is There a True Elite Quarterback in the League Today?

The word “elite is used to evaluate the most important positions in the National Football League. However the quarterback is the one position that garners the most attention out of them all. The Big Four of Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers are the so called “elite quarterbacks” in the league right now. Their recent performances in their recent postseason games may say otherwise.

Arsenal in the English Premier League!

This article is about Arsenal. It provides general information on Arsenal’s history, statistics and performance in the English premier league. There is also more information how it has competed with top rivals both in the past and the present.

The Aggies Post Manziel Year

A&M The Post Manziel Year (How will the Aggies fair without Johnny football?) Unrealistic expectations? Maybe not, true the Texas A&M program did indeed lose a chunk… no let’s be fair, lost all of their offense to the NFL draft last year. With the departure of QB Johnny Manziel, to the Browns, and WR Mike Evans to the Bucs and O-lineman Jake Matthews to the Falcons all in the first round A&M has definitely taken major blows to one of the most exciting offenses in not only the SEC but all of college football.

Tony Dungy Is Right About Michael Sam

Tony Dungy was asked if he would draft Michael Sam in the 2014 NFL Draft, he gave his opinion on the subject and now he’s being criticized for expressing his thoughts. Michael Sam is a seventh round draft pick he should not be given that kind of press right now.

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