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The Indianapolis Colts Are a Great Brand

Professional football is an entertainment product. The NFL is selling an experience, a feeling, and the Indianapolis Colts are a fantastic brand.

3 Ways on How to Become a Better Offensive Lineman

There are many things that I believe anyone can do to become a better offensive lineman. Today, I’m going to share 3 of the best ways, but for more information make sure to read our report by clicking on the link at the bottom. First of all, to play offensive line, you need to be fit.

The Rex Grossman Factor

What is the Rex Grossman Factor you ask? Why poor Rex? I am from Chicago and he is the poster child for what I am about to write. “The Rex Grossman Factor” consists of three parts.

The Perfect Weapon – Michael Vick

As teams around the league are asked of their interest level in soon to be released quarterback and inmate Michael Vick, most teams show distinct separation from the subject. Many organizations were quoted as saying that the acquisition of Michael Vick is “highly doubtful” and that they are “not interested.” But why? Sure his image was ruined, boycotted, and defaced, but his athletic ability was unquestionable.

A Legacy of College Football

It’s Saturday and there is a big fight feel on campus. You wake up and immediately go into rabid fan mode when you start sifting through your college football jerseys. Yes, it’s the kick-off Saturday for college football and you are ready to go!

The Mother of All Comebacks – WOW!

A week short of the 1st anniversary of his horrific and career threatening injury, Eduardo Da Silva returned to competitive football at Emirates Stadium in a scintillating and awesome performance that made it feel like he never went away. Who would have thought it? Exactly 51 weeks after the horrific career threatening and devastating injury that Eduardo suffered at St. Andrews, the talisman announces his return to competitive football with a no nonsense authoritative display of a footballing master class.

San Diego Chargers – 2009 to Be a True Golden Year

San Diego football fans love their Chargers and the stands become their home when their team is taking the field. The 2008 schedule had some stellar moments that made some with 50-yard line San Diego Chargers tickets glad to have the best seats in the house.

The Cincinnati Bengals Are Sharpening Their Claws

Sports fans know that a pair of Cincinnati Bengals tickets assures them of the opportunity to enjoy some highflying football action by a talented team. The 2008 season was not the breakout year that had been hoped for but there were some riveting performances to be seen. Is Cincinnati going to use the 2009 draft to add that needed depth?

Buffalo Bills – Making a Run For the Title in 2009

Could the 4-time Super Bowl Champions of Buffalo be putting a move in play to challenge for the 2009 division title? There are more than a few fans who think this scenario is very likely. This is why sales of Buffalo Bills tickets are holding steady even though the 2008 season was far from stellar.

The Carolina Panthers Prowl Began in 1993

The Carolina Panthers are the young team that has home field advantage at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. This football team has distinctive uniforms with black, blue, and silver colors, and their helmets boast a snarling panther head logo. They have great fan support and the demand for Carolina Panthers tickets begins early in the year.

Chicago Bears – Looking Deep For a Championship Line-Up in 2009

The perennial loyalty of the Chicago Bears fans is evident in the support they provide this professional football team during each season. The famous navy blue, orange and white colors of the Bears uniforms never fails to elicit cheers and applause from anxious spectators who come to support their favorite team from the stands.

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