🇯🇵 Murakami Mai’s Beautiful Floor Routine at Tokyo 2020 🥉

Five Do It Yourself Tailgating Ideas

Ah, tailgating…. America’s second favorite pastime (or 3rd or 4th – whatever, it’s up there). It’s an event within the event… to some people it’s an inherent part of the main event, and to some it’s even the main event. Tailgating without football? Doable. Football without tailgating? Unthinkable. But just like everything else, the cost of tailgating is on the rise…

Fun Trivia on Cardinals Tickets and More

If you’ve been a longtime supporter of these Arizona Cardinals you should be very familiar with the long history this team has had. Their many years as part of the NFL have not only resulted in a lot of Cardinals tickets sales to loyal fans wanting to see them play, but a lot of good stories as well.

Tailgating at Lambeau, an Event to Remember

Tips for tailgating at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, principally tailored for the newcomer. Tailgating at Lambeau is not the same as tailgating at Qualcomm (San Diego). If you are not properly prepared, your in for a miserable time.

Should You Run the Triple Option in Youth Football?

The triple option in youth football? Lots of people will tell you not ti run it, others say it’s not a problem. What is the real story, is the option a Saviour or Sinker in youth football?

PAT Kicking Odds in Youth Football

In youth football many leagues give you 2 points for a PAT kick and just 1 point if you run or pass it in. What should you do?

Three Reasons Why The Colts Will Win The AFC South in 2011

The NFL is a league of parity, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to that rule. Since the beginning of the last decade, the Indianapolis Colts have won nearly every division title in the AFC South, and while some may be projecting the decline of the Colts to be rapidly approaching, that certainly doesn’t mean 2011 is when it will happen. In fact, there are three great reasons why the Colts will continue their dominance in 2011, and any football fan would be amiss to ignore them.

Gunning For Success

Arsenal became the only Premier League team to go a whole season unbeaten in the 2003/04 campaign, eventually settling for a record of 49 games in a row without defeat. And this record also holds another significant memory for Arsenal fans, as the 2003/04 season was the last period which finished with The Gunners atop of the table. And with only a solitary FA Cup to their name in the following season, the North London side are now on course to go 6 years without winning a title. So where has it all gone wrong for the former ‘invincibles’?

Mancini’s Misery

When Sheikh Mansour took control of Manchester City in 2009, the Blue Moon faithful finally began to believe that times of prosperity were ahead, and with the new City of Manchester Stadium in hand as well as the Sheikh’s millions, there was no reason as to why Man City couldn’t replicate the success that Chelsea had emulated with similar resources in the not too distant past. However, since the takeover, things haven’t gone smoothly for the Eastland’s side. Halfway through the Sheikh’s first season as owner, Mark Hughes was deemed to be harshly sacked, with current boss, Roberto Mancini, seemingly having the appropriate blend of experience and style to bring success to the Blue side of Manchester.

NFC East – Draft Grades 2011

Look into the NFC East selections from 2011 NFL Draft. Which teams are winners and losers?

How To Choose The Best Sports Agent

The answer to choosing the best agent for you is simply more than getting a great contract, even though that is very important. So, what is even more important?

How To Get A Football Scholarship – Your Highlight Video Is Mandatory!

It is a proven fact that if you want to play college football at any level, you MUST utilize a highlight video so that coaches can evaluate your ability to play. I would say that the majority of the kids that end up with scholarships or financial packages have a highlight video. Regardless of the level you want to play at, it is critically important to have your highlight video seen by decision makers early in the process.

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